Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday Smensday

I'm devoid of thought tonight. I'm not sure if some squiggly insect crawled into my ear and eat my brains or if I was out in the sun too long today. It was some kind of hot for May.

I headed north to appear on a community access station promoting upcoming workshops. I've been on the show before and the host is a hoot. But I felt cheated that I didn't get to enjoy my second cup of coffee before I headed out. Is having two cups of coffee too much to ask?

I also met with a human resource director after lunch trying to build a pipeline for some of our candidates who are looking for work. So I finished work earlier than normal.

Once home, I stepped down to the garden. Our tomatoes look as if they've grown a foot since Sunday. they are full of blooms and small tomatoes. It won't be long before the plants are hanging full of red gold.

The last time we visited the local produce stand here, the tomatoes on the shelves were from Florida. I picked one off the shelf and smelled of it. You can tell the difference in a vine-ripe tomato and one grown in a greenhouse. These were definitely vine-ripe. tonight when we ate our salad, you could taste the "homegrown'ness" in them. They were scrumptious. I did think to snap a picture while there in the produce market. That's what's below, but I should be posting pics of our tomatoes soon.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Oh, yeah, there is a big difference. Hot house tomatoes taste tough and like tomato-sprayed cardboard. Garden grown is amazing.

  2. We wait all year for the home grown 'real' tomatoes. Still too cold to put mine out, maybe by the weekend.

  3. Home grown tomatoes are bliss. And show up the other variety for cardboard nastiness. Often expensive cardboard nastiness.
    I hope your mind comes back to you quickly - and am impressed that you can post coherently when your brain is out to lunch.

  4. There's definitely a difference in home grown tomato ripen on the vine.
    Heat and humidity can melt the brain. I hope you get a cool breeze blowing your way.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I am very simple in my 'special foods'. There is no better food in this world (for me) than mayo, good loaf bread, salt, pepper and that homegrown tomato. When I add a glass of milk I would rather have that than a T-Bone. Of course that was a 'mater sammige' when I was growing up. Mama grew delicious tomatoes that one slice covered the bread! I never see those tomatoes anymore.

  6. Here we are just about to start are way ahead of us, but thankfully some of those homegrown southern tomatoes to make their way to Ohio!

  7. I have six tomato plants, a little small now but still looking forward to that first homegrown tomato.

    You are so right there is nothing like a homegrown tomato and yes you can tell the difference.

  8. Tomatoes that have been refrigerated don't taste as good either. I love a tomato fresh from the garden.

  9. Oh, yes you can smell the difference! In fact, you can smell the tomatoes before you see them:) Your day sounds like it was a good one overall


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