Friday, May 05, 2017

Number 43

May 5, 1974, was a Sunday. Jilda and I had been kicking around the idea of getting married for a while. There had been a super outbreak of tornadoes in Alabama in April and one swept through the county seat and blew the roof off the courthouse. When we decided to do the deed, we had to drive to Jefferson County to get our marriage license.

We both had full-time jobs and worked on Saturdays. So early Sunday morning, we packed the trusty rusty 1964 Plymouth Valiant and headed south.

Jilda knew a pastor in Brewton, Alabama. We were married standing on the porch of his trailer.

A lot of our friends have been married as long, but with multiple spouses.  I'm not sure people thought we'd stay together.  All I can say to the naysayers is Na Na Na Boo Boo.

My column Sunday is about our anniversary. I'll post it on Monday.


  1. "Na Na Na Boo Boo." I love it!
    Congrats on #43. (I thought you were going to be talking about Richard Petty, lol.)

  2. I want to say that to nay sayers too.Congratulation on # 43.

  3. It is a wonderful day to celebrate. My best to you both.

  4. You make a very attractive couple...except maybe the shirt.

  5. A very happy anniversary (and many more to come) to you both.

  6. Congrats... So Happy Together!!

  7. Happy Anniversary and congratulations to both of you. I hope the nay sayers are biting their tougnes.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Happy Anniversary. You guys look terrific in that picture.

  10. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Happy anniversary to you♪♪♫ !!

  11. I agree with Stephen above, you guys look great in the picture. It can last many many more as long as you hold that LOVE. Oh yeah, Jilda done good, YOU on the other hand done better!
    Happy Anniversary and look to hear of many more! ;-)


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