Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Life 101

I went to the way, way back machine tonight. The photograph below is from May of 1968 – 49 years ago. It was the month I graduated from Dora High School. With a head full of dreams (and hair) I was ready to kick mister future's butt.

Life is an interesting journey. The things that seemed so important to me when I was 17 years old, turned out to be brief pitstops in the race.  You could have captured all my wisdom on a cafe napkin and had room to wipe catsup off your chin on the unused portion.

I've done stupid things in my life –things that could have been costly. But somewhere, somehow the Universe gave me a "get-out-jail-free" card and I skated.  I've been lucky.

When I look at the kids graduating today I'd like to tell them to maintain friendships, and that their parents are a lot brighter than they realize. At 17 you don't realize that it's better to think with your heart than with a brain that knows very little.

Jilda and I are practicing for a gig on Sunday evening. We're opening for a Celtic performer. One of the songs we plan to do is one we wrote with our friend Tracy Reynolds. The title is Life 101. I think it fits for anyone graduating from high school.

Eighteen and ready
To set the world on fire
Diploma says he made the grade
Can't tell him nothing, he don't already know
Thinks his dues have all been paid
But there's a jungle out there
That will eat him alive
He'll find the journey
Has just begun
Welcome to Life 101 


  1. Life 101 is so very true. What a shame I couldn't see that at 17. Or at 20.

  2. I love your wisdom and thanks for sharing Life 101. So true our lives are a journey we take.

  3. I like it dude!

    (Yeah some of us needed the 'Get of Jail Free' cards more than others,Thanks God for 'em!)

  4. I love the old photo and am thinking of that song " Give me a man with hair...long, beautiful hair..." :) I must have an angel on my shoulder with some of the antics I was involved in. Love the lyrics and so true

  5. I often shake my head when I hear people say they wish to be 16 or 17 again. Why would anyone want to go through all that again? It was good at the time but if we live a decent amount we improve with age.

  6. You still have the best personality, but I don't know what happened to Jannett Cummings. I was Best Body. My daughter was Most Likely To Return To Teach (not happening).


  7. Well Ricky Watson..I think you done good in this crazy life! Hope the gig is great and the song appreciated! It will resound mostly with those of us who have passed that 18yr milestone many moons ago!

  8. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Your lyrics are beautiful (& so true)!!

  9. '68, We graduated the same year, Rick. I understand entirely. I shall be 68 at the end of this year. We are internalizing our commencement dates. Run!

  10. I like life 101, because it is how life is

  11. This Class of '68 alum sure enjoyed this post! I'm going to share this song with my own Class of '17 grad and her sis.


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