Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pure joy

We're home now. We arrived weary just after lunch and promptly laid down on the couch for a nap. Both Jilda and I were so tired from the road that we couldn't rest. We got up, unpacked, and sorted a mountain of sandy, salty clothes. I had one tee shirt that could have stood in the corner on its own.

Later this evening, I ran to the grocery store to fetch some organic chicken and crusty bread to have for supper. I was afraid of being too tired to enjoy the meal, but it was perfect.

I shared a couple pictures from the weekend already. I took over a hundred. At the risk of posting too many, I'll leave you all with one last picture of pure joy. I'm my great nephew Jordan boogie boarding in the surf.

It's been a delightful weekend. Even as tired as we both are, neither of us wouldn't trade it for anything.


  1. That is one incredibly blissful photo. Not at all surprised that you treasured the weekend.

  2. The picture belongs in a frame. Glad you had a good time.

  3. That's a great photo of Jordyn. He looks very happy.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Great picture to match the title of the entry. Neat!

  5. Yes, I'd call that a good tired for sure. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend !

  6. Jordan looks so happy. Now I want to see a photo of the shirt that can stand up on its own.


  7. Great Capture! Glad you guys had a great time. I've enjoyed your photos.

  8. I like the way that picture turned out, excellent shot.

  9. Oh yeah know that feeling of exhaustion after returning home, and a bloody great shot there


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