Thursday, May 18, 2017

I wish I could bottle it

Beach vacations were rare when I was a child. We went once, but my mother and brother got toasted in the Florida sun. She didn't want to go back. I think I must have had Native American blood flowing through my veins because I was slow to burn and I've always loved the beach.

As I grew older, got a job, a car and a girlfriend I went to the beach often. Later after Jilda and I married, we had a good friend that had a house at the beach which made long weekends at the beach affordable. 

We took all our nieces and nephews down for extended vacations.  Now we're taking our great nieces and nephews.  

A while back, I shot this picture of Samantha and Jordan at the beach. Jordan could barely contain the joy and excitement on the ride down. He didn't want to stop for food or to pee.

When he got to the water, it was hard coaxing him out to go eat. I remember that joy and excitement. I wish I could bottle it.


  1. The beach is the best, watching kids enjoy the beach is even better.

  2. If you COULD bottle it, you would never need to work again...

  3. Days like that are priceless for sure ! I have many happy memories of days at the beach!

  4. I burn easily so I am not a sun worshiper. At the same time one of my favorite vacations was the time I spent on the beach at Virginia Beach.

  5. Ahhhh yes, there are those times, the scent, wind, salt water and water as far as you can see. If bottled would be the BEST!

  6. That's such a beautiful photo.


  7. Anonymous3:42 PM

    I ABSOLUTELY love the beach!!

  8. I really like that picture Rick, and if you could bottle that I would be willing to buy one.

    Nice Post

  9. My family is full of pale skins that burn. The beach was not a favorite for them. Im the odd one that inharritaed the cherokee blood from grandmaw. I tan easy and never burn except my nose sometimes. And I love the beach.
    Thats a great photo. I love to see the excitement in kids.


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