Friday, May 12, 2017

Phase one ~ Check

The first phase of my dental work came to completion today. The bone graphs installed over the Christmas holidays healed and implanted railroad spikes settled in a few weeks ago, so I went to my dentist to get fitted for new caps.

I've been eating wonky since the first of the year and kept my tongue gnawed raw. But today after a brief visit, my new caps are on. I can now eat a little more naturally. I still need three more spikes and caps installed before the job is done. It hasn't been cheap. Gone are the days when you can pay part of your bill with fresh eggs and home grown tomatoes. They now only accept hard cash. I could have fed a third world country for a year on what it cost me. I'm just glad they don't charge what it's really worth.

While reclining in the chair sniffing glue, I had a view through the window to the south. Dark clouds had moved in during the 30 minutes I was there. Jagged bolts of lightning as wide as a county road stabbed the ground a few miles away.

I had to run from the door of the office to my truck to keep from getting soaked. The asphalt was still hot from the morning sun and steam rose from the streets as I navigated toward home. On the long stretch of isolated road to our house, I passed a farm with grazing cattle in a field of grass with yellow flowers (I can't remember what it's called.)

The road was deserted in front and behind me, so I stopped, rolled down my window, and shot a few pictures.

All in all, it's been a good day.


  1. Ah, the good old days. I remember when my dentist would accept $10 a month, no interest. By the time a bill was paid there was another...hmmm may be a post in there somewhere.

  2. When we were in 1st year collage we seriously needed a dentist and were lucky to find a newly trained dentist who said we could pay $20.00 a month for the two of us and he took care of our teeth then and until he retired 2 years ago. We miss his kindness and his expertise. The $20.00 a month carried on for 5 years until we were hired as teachers and got dental benefits. We were very lucky. Your post brought back memories.

  3. Dental treatments are viciously expensive here. And not covered by our health system. Private insurance is required, and only a fraction of the bill covered. I am very glad that you are moving towards eating normally again and loved the cow photo.

  4. Took me right into the scene and the atmosphere, Rick. Beautifully written post considering the dental procedure it followed. I believe you have found your poetic voice.

  5. That sounds like torture that you went through. They charge more to put them back in than to take them out. It will feel good to finally have it all done and be able to chew your food.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Nice to be able to eat normally again. I give you credit for going through all that. We certainly don't appreciate what we have until we don't have it any more. Glad you had a good ending...I enjoyed the picture.

  7. Love the picture, those cows don't seem to have a problem eating, but they want need to eat as long as you. Glad the dental work is progressing, it is amazing what they can accomplish today. BUT, but I know you will be happy when it is ALL complete.

  8. Can you imagine how many tomatoes you would have to haul in to pay that bill? Glad you are near completion for this experience, I know you will feel better sitting down at the table now.

  9. I'll speak not of dentists except to say I am happy I had my teeth finally fixed. Great picture of the cattle.

  10. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Our dentist did our work in exchange for Bud's legal knowledge; no money ever changed hands, but now he's retired. We've just gone to another dentist, who expects payment!!


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