Thursday, May 04, 2017


We took our first cruise a few years ago toward the end of May. At the time, I felt a little disconnected on the ship. I didn't have access to email, the news, my blog, or other things I depend on daily. For someone who is "connected" losing that connectivity even for a short time is disconcerting.

But then there was the ocean in every direction. The colors and the sunsets were stunning. I don't remember spending so much time resting as when we were on the cruise. When we got home, I felt taller.

I said all that to say this: I think I'd like to take another cruise sometime later in the year.  Maybe the sea gods will be with us and help make that happen.


  1. You should audition for on board entertainment and get paid to boot.

    1. Anonymous6:19 PM

      Be careful!! Our friend hired on to dance with unattached women & found he was also expected to do some work on the cruise.

  2. Funny how one becomes so attached to the computer/internet/web...all that Jazz:) I bet you will be venturing on a cruise and let us know where to:) he have yet to be on one but wouldn't mind going on a smaller cruise

  3. The wife and I have been on several cruises. She enjoys the quiet ship time more than I do. I tend to get restless, but still love cruising. Great picture of you.

  4. I hope you go and take a couple of pictures (no more) to share with us.

  5. Ah yes, the disconnect. And I am too cheap to pay $$$ for an internet connection. I ENJOY the cruises as long as my girl is there. I once told the Old Man I would volunteer to stay aboard ship if I could bring my wife. His replay:There will NEVER be a female on a USN fighting ship! (One skipper that did not see the future!) LOL

  6. We've not been cruising in a long time, but hands-down, that's my Happy Place. Wouldn't it be fun to arrange a bloggers' excursion?!

  7. I have never been on a cruise. Always wish one day I will be able to. I could do without the technical things....I think. I would do a lot of hand writing, which would also be enjoyable to me.

  8. Ha, another blogger friend is on a 15 day cruise to Papua New Guinea.

    My husband is not "into" cruises. He spent 20 years in the Navy/Coast Guard. The only cruise he is interested in, is up to Alaska. So that will be in our future.


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