Thursday, May 25, 2017

Out of gas

I was on the road before seven this morning. I had an appointment in North Alabama in a studio to shoot video for upcoming Facebook promotions for the program at the college.

The session didn't take long. I think the producer was a little surprised that it went so smoothly. I knew the routine and I've done TV work before.

My phone was ringing as I walked into my office. The day never let up. After knocking off work, I headed to the parts store to pick up a belt for the lawnmower. While I was out, I ran by the newspaper to pick up tickets for the Chamber of Commerce Banquet which started at 6:30 p.m. 

After picking up the tickets, I hopped in my truck for the ride home. As I pulled out of the parking space, I felt a bump, bump, bump. I thought I'd hit a critter. Shifting into park, I stepped out to get the scoop. My left front tire was flat. WELL CRAP (the words I used were unsuitable for this blog.)  

I worked up a sweat changing the tire. The outside of the tire looked fine, but the inside was down to the tread. Who knew that actually being able to see the air in the tire was not a feature? After the spare was on, I headed home dripping sweat. 

Taking a quick shower and changing clothes, I finished up just as Jilda walked in from work. She freshened up and we headed to the banquet. 

Tonight, I'm tired. It's time to rest.


  1. Love the clouds - and hope the rest of your night and weekend go much more smoothly.

  2. I love the picture! Beautiful. I've had a flat tire before...thank goodness for CAA. That is never fun

  3. You had a harrowing day. Perhaps today will go more smoothly.

  4. I'd be out of gas at that point too. Busy days are good but exhausting at times. Take care and hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  5. Rick Watson says: Life goes on! Never a dull moment in Central Alabama!
    Glad you had a spare! :-O

  6. Beautiful photo... Several years ago I had gone to pick up my daughter Nicole who had flown on a direct flight from Glasgow Scotland to Halifax N. S. and it was a 5 hour drive to go pick her up. I could hear a loud humming sound but I dismissed as being normal. I got there before her flight landed and as soon as she had picked up her luggage I drove her home, another 5 hour drive. I had an appointment for some test at the hospital and when I was coming out of the hospital parking lot I heard a bump, bump, bump, pretty much like you described.

    I got out to investigate and I said, "Oh nooo" I pulled into the school yard across the street and called the CAA. Canadian Automobile Association. The guy put on my little donut spare tire and told me to get to a service station and have both tires changed as the other one was ready to do the same... My tires looked perfect from the outside but were worn out to the wire on the inside.

    I'm telling you all this just so you check out the other tire just in case your tires were not balanced.

    Apparently when the tires are not balanced, they wear thin on one side.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. My appointment was the next morning but just thinking that I could have been stranded in the middle of the Highway far from home and it would have spoiled my daughter's home coming and put a hole in my wallet...

  8. You accomplish so much while I stay in bed. I'm glad we have that worked out.


    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      Move over, Janie, I need some more sleep!!

  9. Oh, well. Life happens, and when it does, some words are appropriate.


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