Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bush league

Several years ago we planted a lantana bush in the small flower bed beside the back deck. It's a beautiful bush and hummingbirds adore it, but it was never pleased to be there. Each time it tried to spread its wings, we had to trim it back because it cast shadows on the other flower vying for sunlight.

Jilda's sister Pat has a lantana bush as well, and it's in a perfect location. It gets sun-o-plenty and subsequently has grown to roughly the size of Rhode Island.  I snapped the picture below the last time we were there.

When Jilda got home, I saw her heading for the shed. "What's up?" I asked. I'm relocating the bush. She's one of the least competitive people I know except when it comes to her flowers. She gets all foldy-army when she's horticulturally bested by one of her siblings. That doesn't happen too often, but when it does, she's ready to take action.

We found a place at the back of the fence that is perfect for the bush. It gets plenty of sunlight and has room to grow. We cut it back before transplanting it, and I fretted for a while that it might not make it. However this week the blooms began appearing. I'm hoping that by summer's end, it will be as glorious as her sister Pats. If not, I may have to move it again next spring.


  1. It appears to have been a good move Rick.

  2. It looks absolutely glorious. Here we know the Budleah as the 'butterfly bush'. Yours seems to be a different beast.

  3. Your butterfly bush looks like our flower that starts with L and I can't remember the name! I love it though and this is beautiful. Our butterfly bushes haven't bloomed yet but their fragrance is lovely

  4. That's not the butterfly bush as I know it. It looks a lot like the dreaded lantana. A bush which given its head in a warmer climate than the one I live in, will spread like wildfire.


    1. You are correct Alphie. Jilda told me the correct name when she read the blog. I went through and corrected the error this morning.

  5. Beautiful!

    I hate when a woman goes all foldy-army.

  6. I hope your bush enjoys it's new home. All the work will be worth it if it's as beautiful as the one in your picture !

  7. So, now I know the name of a bush I have enjoyed with the neat red and yellow blooms, Lantana. Thanks!

  8. That is gloriously beautiful.

  9. It's a beauty.
    Smiles & hugs.

  10. It seems that with flowering plants, location is everything.

  11. Beat the crap out of Pat.


  12. No bush like yours exists in our part of desert land. What a beauty. Did you have any lilacs back there? We bought a new bush, one bred for heat like this. Maybe next year.


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