Wednesday, June 14, 2017

High in the clouds

I fretted as we boarded the plane for the trip home. I always book an aisle seat, but somehow my ticket showed a window seat. Hmmm. I sidestepped down toward the back of the plane and my seat 30A, I got uneasy as my seat come into view. Two guys that looked as if they could play linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons were sitting in 30 B and C. When I got to my row, I pointed to the window seat and the two guys chuckled. They realized at the same time as I did that the seating assignment gods have a sense of humor.

They stood and I slide into a space that would not accommodate Ol’ Hook. I scrunched as much as I could and shoved my laptop under the seat in front of me.

The shades on the windows had been lowered. As we sat idling on the tarmac, I flipped the shades up to get a look at the weather. Someone had told me at the hotel before we left that there were thunderstorms approaching. As I looked to the north, I saw a bolt of lightning jab the Earth off in the distance. 

Thankfully the pilot announced that we were first in line for takeoff and we taxied to the north end of the runway and took off to the south.  A few minutes later, we left the clouds behind us.
Somewhere over Kentucky, more angry clouds loomed off to starboard. Pulling the phone from my shirt pocket, I snapped a picture.

I was happy when we touched down in Atlanta. I’m writing this during a 3-hour layover. It will be midnight before I make it home tonight.

It’s a safe bet that I’ll sleep late tomorrow.


  1. Air travel ain't what it used to be, they really cram you in.

  2. I love sitting in the window seat and looking out at the clouds. Sorry you had a long layover and hope you do sleep in. Long trip for sure !

  3. The days of classy air travel are over, unless you're willing to pay the ridiculous price of First Class.

  4. I prefer a window seat myself, you will rest well back in your own bed once you get home.

  5. I used to love to fly, no matter how rough the weather. I still would like it, but boarding has become too much of a hassle unless you are a big miles travelers and can get the a 'fast pass'.
    Anyway I did enjoy the read.

  6. The first and only time I ever flew was 19A. It was a window seat behind the left wing. Coming back, I had a window seat again and pretty sure two wrestlers were next to me. I'm glad It was only an hour flight and I didn't have to get up.

  7. I understand how it feels to be in a sardine can. It's crazy how they cram us in, no food except maybe, peanuts and they have all these restrictions. When my hubby and I were travelling to Venice, there was a stop over in Rome where we waited for close to 3 hrs on the tarmac before taking off. I saw storm clouds as well and when we arrived at our destination, we heard there were tornadoes around Rome!

  8. Beautifully dramatic photo! Wow.


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