Friday, June 16, 2017

Dumpster Diving

Hello. My name is Rick and I'm a dumpster-diver. HEY RICK! That was easier to admit in front of my blog buddies than I thought. But it's true. Having storage space in the old house and barn is a good thing. Whenever I find myself running by a dumpster to toss in REAL garbage, I always have a look to see if there's anything interesting that someone has tossed.

A few weeks ago, I drove up to the dumpster at the college to toss in some old boxes and stuff left over from a shipment of books. As always, just before I tossed the stuff in from the back of my truck, I had a look inside the dumpster. This one is not for household garbage so it wasn't stinkyfied (is that a word?)

Inside the dumpster was an old rusted stool. It looked old. Seeing that old stool sent me down memory lane. There was a stool just like this one at Harry Shaw's Drug Store in Dora when I was a kid. In the late 1950s, I spent hours sipping chocolate malts on a stool at the soda fountain at Harry's. My legs dangled off of that one. My new treasure was a little shorter, but the resemblance is striking. I leaned over inside the dumpster and snagged a leg from the stool and when I sat it down on the pavement. The stool was solid. The vinyl cover over the seat had faded and cracked. It was once bright yellow at one time, but now it was the color of butter.

When I brought it home I wasn't sure how I'd use it. The instant Jilda saw it she smiled and said this is a perfect stand for one of the ferns on the screen porch.

When I sat it down out there and placed the fern on it, the stool looked as if it had always been there.

What about you. Do you ever go dumpster diving?



  1. Yes, just right for that beautiful fern. Good diving Rick.

  2. Excellent diving. You found treasure there.

  3. I wonder the story this little stool would tell if it could talk. It made a good stand for that fern. I don't go dumpster diving but I visit the secondhand charity stores now and then and come up with some cheap good finds.
    Smiles & hugs

  4. Perfect for sure! One mans junk is another mans treasure for sure !

  5. Yes, I've gone dumpster diving. I've found some fun and interesting things over the years.

  6. I. Glad you rescued the stool. We don't do dumpster diving but we, or rather, my hubby, sees things on the side of the road that people are tossing out. We have a dresser, a cabinet, boards that hubby used, plus a few other things so treasures are found when people throw things out.

  7. My son is a notorious dumpster diver.

    I believe it is spelled stinkafied.

  8. Dumpster diving can be great fun. And as you know you can never be sure what you will find.

  9. Stinkyfied is indeed a word. I don't dive, but I would if I had a reliable non-stinky location in which to do so.


  10. Some people toss out good stuff because they have more money then sense or the item has bad memories attached to it, that said good find with the stool

  11. LOL ... not for about the last 60 years! ('Used to climb in the Dimpster Dumpster to recover soda bottles.)

    Perfect accompaniment to the fern! Jilda sounds lots like my DIL, whose home is liberally appointed with repurposed treasures. What I'd give for her eye!

  12. I like it. It makes sense to me. Just a few days ago I fished out a good 1x4x8' nice treated wood. I cannot pass up wood. That dude costs $3.26 at Lowes. LOL
    You done good if Jilda liked it. Sherry just said something like OK to my board! LOL

  13. One man's junk is another man's treasure? Excellent. My students and I went dumpster diving at a nursery near our school. Man oh man. Treasures were then replanted at the school.


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