Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

It's been a low-key Father's Day here. Jilda's dad and my dad died years ago. The day has
changed for us when they were gone. It's sadder now. Both of us looked at Facebook a good bit today. I wanted to tell the ones who still had living fathers to appreciate them while they are here. They will be gone too soon.

This evening we went to our great nephew's birthday party. He celebrated his seventh birthday. His mom and dad were wise. They rented a  snow cone machine for the front porch and water slide for the front yard. The kids were in heaven.

It wore me out just watching them rip and romp up and down that bouncing slide.

The temps were in the 90s with humidity that was actually more dense than the water sprinkling down the slide. I wish I'd taken my swimsuit with me.


  1. Good part was watching the kids have fun. I sure miss my Dad today too.

  2. Beautiful photos, Rick. Memorable cowboy suit --did your dad sing? The car, I can't place, but remember those huge grills from youth. Party picture is colorful and full of fun. Glad you had a happy day. I did too!

  3. Love the photo! Your outfit is adorable! Happy birthday to your's fun to have a summer birthday!

  4. Two gorgeous photos.
    My father is gone too - and our Father's Day is in September. He is remembered MUCH more often than that though.

  5. I love a party. But most of all I am glad folks chose their cars for a background for pictures. I like that dad and the cowboy, but I didn't miss the 1946-47 Chevy in the back ground.
    AND YES you sure miss your dad when he is gone. So many questions I did not ask, because I thought he would be here forever! Good one!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun. I wouldn't mind joining them.

    It's good to remember your dad fondly. I do too remember my loving dad but I never seem to write about it.
    Smiles & hugs

  7. Yes, I agree, too soon time passes and our loved ones are gone. Best to appreciate them while they are here with us. Anything involving water these days is good. It's been hot here too and and I can appreciate how fun in the water is a refreshing way to celebrate.

  8. Those kids look like they're having a terrific time.

  9. Those kids are having a ball that picture is great, and the one of you and your Dad is an excellent memory, you are right we should spend time with our parents because time does slip away quickly.

  10. Dear Rick, thanks so much for the photo because I wasn't quite sure how to picture a water slide. The kids are having so much fun and look so cool. Yes, a swimming suit would have been a good choice for you. Peace.

  11. Those happy smiling faces tell it all.

  12. Love the cowboy look! Your dad was certainly a handsome fellow.

  13. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Our dads should live forever!!


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