Sunday, June 04, 2017

Yes, I have a bleeding heart

The bleeding heart on our back deck has been there since we built the structure over 25 years ago. I dread each winter because it's one of the plants that must come inside. It weighs as much as a blacksmith's anvil.  Just after I "bust-a-gut" dragging them inside, I ask myself why I don't give it up to the winter's frost. 

Once the plant is inside, it's no trouble. A little water every now and then and move it around so we can keep the area clean around it.

The drought had its way with a lot of trees and shrubs last summer and autumn. The bleeding hard dropped its leaves sooner last year than it normally does and I wondered if it would make it through.

This year, it was slow to leaf out and we feared the worst. Then in early May, it came back with a flourish. A few weeks ago we saw the first blossoms appear. 

This past week it was back in full force. Sitting on the deck this morning drinking our coffee, I realized why I break my back in late fall taking it inside.



  1. Never seen one before, very pretty plant.
    Have you considered a movers dolly before you get a hernia?

    1. Anonymous7:56 PM

      What a good idea!!

  2. That's beautiful! Sometimes we need a bit of stress to really come to full bloom...must be the same for plants!

  3. I see what you mean. Even thought I don't have to lift it, it looks worth the trouble.

  4. Beautiful thing. And even though it wasn't my effort it does look worth it.

  5. Yes Sir that view definitely makes the trouble worth it.

  6. My Mom had a beautiful Bleeding Heart Plant and I've never been able to get one going - the care you take to keep yours happy is worth the effort.

  7. Definitely worth the effort. It's beautiful.
    Smiles & hugs,

  8. It is beautiful. I used to have a bleeding heart that came back year after year and we left it planted outside, and never brought it in. I suppose there are different types that weather better than others.

  9. A bleeding Heart, not a bad thing. LOL Glad you have one! It is beautiful!

  10. That's beautiful. I have a figurative bleeding heart.


  11. I'd never heard of a "Bleeding Heart" plant but it sure is beautiful.

  12. Wow! This is just beautiful and, aside from hurting your back, I hope you continue to bring it back I aide

  13. Ok have heard of this plant but never seen one till now and it is oh so pretty

  14. This is so pretty. Why dont you put it on rollers then just make a temp ramp to roll it in and out more easily. dont bust a gut!


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