Sunday, June 11, 2017

Pleasing dad

The roosters were yawning when I headed out to the cemetery this morning. We have to be there early to catch the early decorators.

Maintaining the historic grounds is not cheap. The old headstones, markers, and family plots are not lawnmower friendly. Some of them must be mowed with a push mower or with a weedeater. In the past, the cost was negligible, but the cost of gas and groceries skyrocketed. To keep it presentable, we must pay a service to maintain it. The guy that does the work is a Vietnam vet and he does a great job. I'd like to double his salary, but we need funds to support it. Soooo, that's why I was there early this morning.

My dad took this shift. We let the others attend church on Sunday morning and we hang out under the funeral home tent taking donations.

We raised enough money to pay three-fourths of what it costs each year. We'll have to do fundraisers to raise the rest. 

It's not easy work, but it's something my dad helped with while he was alive. Whenever I think I"ve had enough, I close my eyes and think of him. Then I stop whining and get to work. 

This plant with blossoms that resembles Queen Ann's Lace grows around the cemetery. It also grows in our backyard which is where I shot this picture.


  1. Inspiring to learn you're carrying on in your dad's place. Have a terrific week.

  2. Your opening sentence is so great! I love the idea of a Vietnam Vet helping maintain the cemetery.

  3. What a wonderful service you're providing. Making sure they aren't forgotten and have a beautiful resting place.

  4. Yes! I look at the older cemeteries where our parents are buried and KNOW mowing the many head stones is tough.
    It is nice to honor one's dad! Good on you my friend, good stuff.

  5. Anonymous11:10 PM

    You're a good son, Rick!!

  6. I suspect you feel even closer to your father on these days. Always a good thing.

  7. It's an honorable thing you are doing Rick, taking care of our loved ones resting place is a job many don't think about, it's hard work but so worth it, Thank You.

  8. This is great what your doing. I bet you can feel him looking down on you with a smile.

  9. It's a very honourable thing to do and your dad did set a great example ton you. Now you are probably setting the example to Jordan to keep up the tradition.

    Our love one should be honoured in this way. Their resting place should reflect our love and caring.

    Smiles & hugs,

    1. Oops, I should mind my spelling... Your dad did set a great example to you.

  10. This was a great post your dad would be pleased


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