Friday, June 09, 2017

Linely Lilly

The flowerbed down near the mailbox is sad. It needs a little love and kindness, but all it has gotten so far this spring is neglect. Even so, the lonely Lilly hold's it blossom up high and gives all that it can. It does its job whether I do mine or not.


  1. Nature is good that way. And I adore your lily.

  2. Ours haven't bloomed yet, when they do I know it is summer.

  3. Yep, nature's consistency makes us look like Pikers!
    Love the yellow!

  4. It's a beautiful daylily. They work so hard to bloom but each blossom only last a day but the plant itself can take a lot of neglect.
    Mine haven't blossom yet. I have some that I removed out of a flowerbed last October and they are just sitting on top of a big pot and they survived the harsh winter and are growing unplanted.

    Enjoy your weekend
    Smiles & hugs

  5. It looks like another is about to bloom to keep this one company.

  6. Lily does a nice job of greeting those who pass your mailbox.

  7. Amazing how the Lily strives to do her job, you have to love that.

  8. I've seen lots of people with lilies around there mailboxes. A very welcoming sight to be sure.

  9. My lilys are fixing to bloom. Mine are triple petals and so pretty. Your neglected lily is beautiful!!



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