Thursday, June 01, 2017

Mushroom weather

I'm thankful that we're finally our of the drought here. Last summer and fall were scary. Thousands of trees in our area died. Pines are shallow rooted, and the Leyland Cyprus which aren't native to this area were hit hard. But I've seen oak and magnolia trees that didn't make it until we started getting rain.

We got four inches of rain a few days ago. When the sun returned, the humidity was so high and the air so thick, it made breathing a challenge. 

I call it mushroom weather. A few days ago after the rain, I walked out back, and there was the mushroom (pictured below) in the yard.  Yesterday when we went out there was a ring of them. Yesterday, Jordan was curious, but he knows not to touch wild mushrooms. He asked where they came from. Instead of going into a scientific explanation, Jilda decided to tell him what her grandmother Mamie told her – "those are caused by dancing fairies." He seemed happy with that answer.


  1. Good for Jilda! In fact, I wish you could find a picture of a fairy and place in the mushroom ring:)

  2. I adore mushrooms. As a child we often collected them (under my father's guidance). Now? Being a chronic wuss and a coward I would leave them to the fairies.

  3. I hope you get a little more rain here and there... a drought is not good xox

  4. I've seen some of those fairy rings, I'm not trying any wild mushrooms and I prefer to buy them. But seeing wild mushrooms is indeed interesting.
    Smile & hugs.

  5. The yards around here are full of them! We had a garden of wild mushrooms growing wild in our yard one spring. I took some art paint and painted each one with different colored polka dots. It looked like smurf village until Nick cut the grass.

  6. Glad you got your needed rain. We've had a few dry days in a row and it's been sunny for a change. Humidity though has not been a problem and so far haven't had any mushrooms growing in the yard. They are always amazing to see though and I've had the fun of hitting a few with the lawnmower and seeing them fly through the air. I do like to eat mushrooms but never pick my own...I buy them at the market, but like the thoughts of dancing fairies bringing them our way.

  7. Good answer, Jilda knows how to keep it interesting.

    When the rain starts the mushrooms definitely appear.

  8. I used to tell my children and grandchildren about the rings of mushrooms caused by the fairies dancing. Then they had a place to sit.

  9. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Sometimes they come up by surprise!! Our friends in Hawaii, Jack & Jane ran their air conditioning constantly & it apparently couldn’t handle the stress. One day Jack came out of the condo & said to Jane, “I didn’t even know you’d planted a crop, but it’s ready for harvest.” Moisture must have been running out of the A/C vent behind some furniture because there were actual mushrooms growing in the carpet just below it.

  10. My daughter always gets mushrooms growing around her front yard and Leo likes to go around kicking the heads off them

  11. Love mushrooms, wish I could tell the good from the poisonous.


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