Thursday, June 15, 2017

Vantage point

At the gate last night, people were getting testy. A blaring alarm was busy alerting security that unauthorized terrorists were invading Concourse A. It sounded like the buzzer at a basketball game except I thought it would never end.

I'd been at gate A9 for twenty minutes and I hadn't seen any sign of danger. With years of data center experience, I diagnosed the problem as a faulty door alarm switch. After an eternity of buzzing, it shut off. Applause from frazzled commuters erupted. It doesn't take much to make them happy when they've been through a late-night airport beat-down.

Thunderstorms to the north delayed flights. That would not have been an issue for us except for the fact that our stewardesses were circling the airport waiting to land instead of preparing our cabin. Again, when they pushed through the crowd at the gate, they were applauded.

These weary passengers boarded in record time. Male passengers helped smaller females heft their bags into overhead bins and people stepped out of the way to remove jackets, instead of holding up the line of boarding passengers.

Once the plane began taxiing to the runway, everyone fell silent. The only sound was the rise and fall of the thrusting engines as it maneuvered the maze of runways to the main strip.

It was closing in on midnight Eastern Time when we finally lifted off for the final leg of my journey home.

We rose through the clouds quickly and left them behind. Soon we were 30,000 feet above West Georgia and East Alabama. The only sound was the rushing whisper of the engines. From that vantage point, the sleepy towns looked as if they were a part of a larger Christmas tree.

Watching the lights slide beneath me made my stress join the vapor trail following the plane.

I snapped a picture to capture the moment.


  1. All moments I know too well.

  2. I truly hate flying and airports but will use them to see my kids! Glad you're home safe and alarms hopefully going off!

  3. Your stress is now contributing to climate change!

    This made me feel like I was part of your flight.

  4. I agree with joeh, you can take someone with you in words, a sweet ability! I enjoyed the flight up to 30,000 ft. Nice shot also.

  5. Glad you finally amde it home.

  6. Both photos from this and the previous post are wonderful. All I can say about your delayed flight and everything connected with the departure, is to paraphrase your niece Samantha's words, from long ago; that flying does indeed suck the beauty out of you - and sometimes that happens before you even board the plane!


  7. Your photo reminds me of starlight on a rushing surf. I appreciate the patience and effort that led to it.

  8. Gorgeous picture. I can feel that stress leaving you like vapor trail behind you. So thankful it was a false alarm for you. I'm glad you are safely home.

  9. I thought the picture was very good also, glad you have this flight behind you now.

  10. I'm glad it was only a false alarm but still, it can rattle nerves when you have delays because someone has to pick you up. Waiting for someone to land home late at night isn't picnic either.
    I don't like flying but I fly anyway. Sometimes I wish I was a bird so I could fly but the thought of carrying my own luggage brings me back to reality. haha...
    We need planes... Glad you made it back home safely and could sleep in your own bed.

    Smiles & hugs

  11. Aren't you glad when you get home? That's a beautiful photo.


  12. Adventures at airports are becoming common occurances. Glad you took off safely.

  13. Kindness is everywhere if you know where to look. It circles back to those who give💗😍


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