Monday, October 09, 2017

Autumn color

I see the colors of autumn even though is hotter than a blistered baby on the beach. This past weekend, the festivals we visited had pumpkins, dried corn stalks, mums and bales of hay. 

The colors are earthy and comforting to the eyes. It's hard for me to pass by an autumn display without taking a moment to take it in. More often than not, I'll shoot a picture.

The weatherman swears this coming weekend will be cooler, but I'll believe it when I see it. I hope autumn is in the air where ever you are.


  1. I had never thought of fall colors that way, but they are comforting. That is a beautiful display of those colors. NEAT!

  2. I love the richness of autumnal colours and hope that the weather boffins were telling you the truth.
    Over here Spring is here, but is rapidly being pushed out the door by Summer.

  3. I love the rich fall colors too. Over here the leaves are in their full Fall colors splendor. It's such a treat to drive through a hard wood ridge of maples on both side of the highway.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. It is in the air here for sure. So thankful for all the beauty!

  5. If the Yankees can win one more game, it will feel like the Autumns of my youth.

  6. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Stay cool, Rick!!

  7. I am watching a squirrel in the yard. He is collecting food to store for the winter. Of course he is stopping for a few nibbles too. The temperature will not reach 50 degrees today. A good day for a ccup of hot tomato soup and a good book.

  8. I feel as if it will never cool off. It's so hot and humid. I can't think about autumn. Some people in my neighborhood have Halloween decorations up. It seems much too soon.


  9. What a pretty photo! It's been warm up here too and I'm ready for cool temps. This is not normal for Ohio in October!

  10. This is a nice photo and we finally have. Typical fall day complete with rain which I don’t mind. I hope we continue to have cooler temps


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