Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Blue sky

I spent more time behind the wheel than behind my desk today. That was OK with me. It was a good day for some highway time.

After lunch, our local chamber of commerce had a ribbon cutting for a new business opening in the town of Cordova. 

I sat on a low brick wall and waited for the other chamber members to arrive. A cool breeze out of the west made me glad that I'd worn a long-sleeve shirt to work. Although the wind had a little chill, the sky was stellar. It looked as if the rain had washed the atmosphere clean of dust and pollen before moving off to North Carolina

Pulling the phone from my pocket, I snapped a few frames while I waited.

Back in April of 2011, the town of Cordova was hit twice in one day by tornados. The early-morning storm was bad, but the afternoon tornado was devastating. Most of what citizens thought of as their city was destroyed in the blink of an eye – to use a well-worn idiom.

The town is coming together. I've attended two ribbon cuttings in the last few weeks. The town has a new city hall and a new police station. The grocery store that was destroyed in the storms has been rebuilt on a new lot and is thriving again. 

I smiled as I looked around today. The community said after the storms that they'd rebuild. And they are doing what they promised.


  1. Rebuilt and even better I'll bet.

  2. That is good news. Rebuilding makes us feel like there is hope.

  3. I love it when you can see the resilience of the human when struck with a disaster. Makes on sorta proud to be part of the human race. Also the sky is beautiful.

  4. How nice to see a community rebuild - and a blue sky day.

  5. A blue sky day in more than one way for sure! One thing about human nature is we may get knocked down, but we rise again.

  6. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Good for them!!

  7. Those clouds look surreal.

  8. Wow, that a lot of open space around the city hall and lots of opportunity to rebuilt the town better than it was. It show the strength and the courage of the people and I wish them well.
    It's nice that you can be a part of this history.
    Hugs, Julia


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