Sunday, October 01, 2017


My Internet connectivity has been spotty all day. When I did get on long enough to check for outages, it seemed there were thousands of reports from across the southeast.

I decided to move to plan B. Forget the Internet and read. I'd stopped by Starbucks yesterday and picked up a New York Times.  

Jilda and I sat on the couch and read three newspapers.  It's interesting to see how each entity handled a particular topic. 

The news comes at me in real-time. If something happens, my phone buzzes in my pocket (when the Internet isn't down) and I can check the latest. A lot of the younger people prefer consuming their news that way. But there's something about a newspaper that is inviting. The smell of the ink on paper, the feel of the thin pages in your hand, the sound it makes when you fold pages back so that you can read the funnies.

Newspapers are struggling. The only exceptions are local newspapers that report who attended Joy's birthday party or how the home team did on Friday night. 

After we read all three papers from cover to cover, we stacked them in the recycling bin and went for a walk.

It was much cooler this morning with a nice breeze out of the west. The dogs were happy. They played nip tag. It's a game where they chase each other and nip each other's rear-ends. They are hilarious to watch as they pay on cooler mornings.

When we rounded the barn, Jilda spotted a Monch Aster next to the trail. I snapped a picture for the blog tonight. 

It was a good day, even though we spent most of the day unconnected to the outside world.

Monch Aster


  1. There's been a problem with the internet around these parts too. Happy fav month. Hope it's a good week for you! Love the color of your Monch Aster!

  2. N pr b m wi h t e int r et h re!

  3. Sometimes being 'unconnected' is wonderful. Love your aster.

  4. I too stopped and picked up a Sunday paper yesterday. It's a habit I recently revived. I do love reading the news. There always tidbits and pieces of local life included that just are not noted on the internet.

  5. Some days it's preferable to disconnect from the outside world.

  6. Anonymous11:09 AM

    What he said!!

  7. Jilda's spotting of the flowers made my morning. They are such a pretty color.

  8. No internet is frustrating how did we live without it


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