Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Monarchs

We're having a family gathering here later in the month so we've been cleaning the house room at a time. That's how we're spending our off days. 

In the past, we've waited to the last minute to do the cleaning and by the time company arrives, we're so whupped we don't enjoy them as much as we should.

We wanted to get the day off to a good start so we decided to walk first thing. Today was the first day since winter that we've worn long-sleeve shirts when we walked. The dogs were ecstatic. 

The Old Maids are looking ragged, but I won't cut them down until after the first frost.

I think the Monarchs are happy with that decision.


  1. I am sure the Monarchs are happy.
    Great idea to space 'cleaning for company' out.

  2. If it was not for occasional company, our house would never get cleaned.

  3. sounds like the perfect outing. that picture with the monarch and flowers is stunning to say the least.

  4. Nice to be getting so much done ahead so you can enjoy and enjoying butterflies brings you to a peaceful place.

  5. Having company is a good incentive to clean up the house. I love coming home to a clean house but sometime I get so darn busy that my house cleaning suffers. I can't function in a messy environment but my husband doesn't mind messy.

    I'm glad you are having some pleasant weather.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I love the bright colours of the orange and the pink together. I'm glad you left them alone for the butterflies to enjoy

  7. Anonymous12:03 PM

    That picture is beautiful, as usual!!

  8. Butterflies can brighten any day. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Glad you have some cooler Fall temps! You pic is beautiful and good luck with your home prep for family! We're having a gathering at the end of the month those!

  10. Perfect timing, that is a great shot. Monarch's are a welcome site early or late.
    Don't forget to Keep cleaning! (early)
    Y'all will have a great time I am sure.

  11. Rick, I love butterflies so much... the Monarch is so gorgeous... I wish me had more in Halifax. However; they tend to be in the country more than the city... xox


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