Friday, October 13, 2017

Old Maids

I have fresh Old Maids (zinnias) in a small porcelain vase on my bathroom vanity. They are pink, burnt orange, yellow and red. Jilda picks them every few days from the patch on the edge of our garden.

We start picking them in early summer. There aren't many at first, but thanks to the warm sun and summer rain, they flourish. They do better than any other flowers in our yard.

These are perennials. All we have to do next spring is to dig around them and work a little compost around the roots. They return the favor with beautiful bouquets until frost.

The rain these last few weeks turbocharged the grass. When we walked this morning, the dew on the grass soaked my sneakers. I knew it was time to mow. 

This afternoon after the sun dried the grass, I hopped on the John Deere and let it do its thang. When I cut close to the Old Maids, the butterflies had a fit. 

The weather is changing. Soon we'll have frost and I'll have to mow the Old Maids down for the coming winter. But they'll be back.

Old maids from 2014


  1. My mother (English) always called them Old Maids too.

  2. As to "...Old a small porcelain vase on my bathroom vanity.", I cannot comment. but I can compliment the lovely floral arragements you've made of them. Lovely!

  3. Imma thinking we need some OLD MAIDS. Good read and picture!

  4. Very nice Rick, Those are beautiful flowers.

    As dry as we are now I just may have done my last mowing for the winter, I'd trade doing some more mowing for a yard as green as yours.

  5. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I've never heard them called Old Maids!!

  6. That reminds me, I need to pull my lemon tree inside. I like the Old Maids.

  7. That reminds me that I need to mow my lawn and mulch the leaves. I always thought that Zinnias , (Old Maids ) were annuals. in our area as we have to plant seeds annually, but I guess in your mild climate the seeds survive the winter. They are gorgeous flowers.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Zinnias are my favorites. and the baked beans look yummy...


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