Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Being of service

I learned last week that my grant at the college will not be renewed when it ends January 31, 2018. I didn't see it coming. While I only work three days a week, I've invested a lot of energy in what I do. But so it goes.

I'm currently looking for other part-time projects where I can use my skills to help people. I read once that a best use of our time is to be of service to others. Truth is, helping others is one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever done. 

One of the women that came through my program lost her job in August. She is brilliant and has a stellar work record. Budget cuts are brutal and this round put her on the street.  She was devastated.

The first coaching session I let her vent. The next one, we got down to business. She was driven. Her son is still in high school and her husband is struggling with a disability that limits his career options. 

A few weeks ago she got a nibble on one of the resumes she submitted. They called her for an interview and she asked if I'd do a mock interview with her.  I looked at the job description and asked her questions I thought the HR manager might ask. 

As it turns out, the questions I grilled her on were very similar to the questions they asked. She nailed the interview. She starts work tomorrow at a salary more than what she earned in her last job.

When she called to tell me the news, she sounded like a different woman. No longer did she sound beaten or depressed. 

The sound of her voice telling me she'd gotten the job, is why I love doing the work I'm doing. I will miss it.

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  1. That must be very rewarding indeed and you must be very good at your job. Sorry the grant was not renewed, hope you find something just as rewarding in the future.

  2. I hope that your next job is every bit as fulfilling as this one.

  3. Rick, you are a winner and if grants expire you are still a winner. I have no doubt your skills are much needed everywhere. In 1972, I had the great good fortune to meet a skilled counselor at an employment agency. It wasn't just the instruction she gave me but also the confidence she sent me out the door with. I landed a job within 2 days. Stayed 4 years and moved up, then moved out with marketable skills. You'd be an asset to such an enterprise.

  4. Rick, I'm sorry about the grant not being renewed in 2018. I hope that you get an even better job too. You have a good heart and that's what is needed more than anything. You'll have to use the skills you teach and put it to the test. You did your job well.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Sorry to hear the news about your job. Hopefully something even better will come your way. I agree we are happiest when we can help others.

  6. I hope your job change turns out the same as the woman who came through your program. Sorry about what is happening but on to bigger and better things as they say.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly helping others is THE most rewarding of jobs. Since I think you have did this all you life, IT WILL continue in some vein. I do love a good story and I like the ladies story, SWEET!

  8. Anonymous2:49 PM

    You're a good man, Rick, you'll get another BETTER job!!

  9. I see better things coming your way. Great story. I agree, Helping others is a lot more rewarding than anything else.

  10. What a disappointing turn! I wonder if one of BHM's (TV) affiliates would be interested in having you do a human-interest, self-help piece each month. You might even solicit viewers' questions on-air.
    ... Just a thought.

  11. People who do what you do are amazing

  12. I'm sorry to hear your current job is ending. I hope you find another that you find rewarding.

  13. Take what happened to her and embrace it. It's sucks when a place is "restructuring" because they don't look at how well a person did in their job, they just slice and dice. I'm glad you could help her and that she found a great job. Hey, a horse means freedom and maybe this is how one needs to look at this situation.

  14. It's too bad about the grant not being renewed, I think the world needs more people like yourself that helps build people back up when they have felt lost xox

  15. I know you will find something fulfilling when the time comes.


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