Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Red Leaf

It's been dungeon dark today with intermittent rain. I walked outside a few times today at work to try and snap a picture for tonight's blog, but the sun seemed to be playing hide-and-seek. Later this evening before going home a downpour splattered on the cobblestone outside my window. I knew it would be an archive kind of night.

When I got home I scanned back through pictures from last year and came across this picture of a sweet gum leaf doing what it does best.

It made me think of the old saying, "Red leaf in morning, SAILOR YOU'RE TOO DAMN CLOSE TO THE SHORE!!!!!!!!" 

Sorry, I couldn't resist.



  1. The Gum do produce a pretty color, but I am not proud of it's balls.
    On another subject, you are rite about that sailor. LOL Good one!

  2. Your sweet gum we know as liquid amber. Whatever the name they are beautiful.
    Snorting at your red leaf ditty.

  3. Never heard that expression but It gave me a giggle.

  4. Nope I haven't ever heard that saying either, but I surely do appreciate the red leaves that brighten these rainy days!

  5. Pretty leaf. First time I hear that quote. I heard of the one that says, Red sky at night sailors's delight, red sky in the morning, sailors, take warning.

    I hope your day is a sailor's delight. Who need gloomy skies.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I made that saying up. It hit me as I typed the note :)

  7. Anonymous2:24 PM

    So THAT'S why it didn't sound right!!

    1. Yep. Any time you read something on my blog that doesn't sound quite right, you know it's something I pulled out of my....well, let's just sady I made it up.

  8. Our experience here is the same with the amazing leaves! Here, we also get "'spike balls" later. Love your rewrite of the old saying.

  9. You are funny with the sailor’s warning...love this leaf!


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