Saturday, October 07, 2017

Festival O' Plenty

Jilda and I both are about festival'd out this weekend. We played at the Frog Level last night and I do the website for The Frog Festival here at home.

We go there early today and I shot over 200 pictures.  When I got home this afternoon, I had to ice my knees. We both looked at each other a few minutes ago and exchanged looks that said, "Tonight will be an early night."

I hope you all have had a remarkable weekend...but I hope your knees don't hurt as bad as mine.


  1. Memories and iced knees. Hope they feel better in the morning.

  2. I too hope you feel much, much better after an early night.

  3. Those little smiles tell it all.

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Poor baby, ice those knees!!

  5. Love the girls who are having tons of fun. I hope your knees are feeling better and, yes, I feel it for sure. It sucks

  6. I feel sorry about the sore knees but at least, it sounds like it was fun.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. My knees hurt oh so much every bloody day at the moment so I feel for you


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