Thursday, October 26, 2017

Maybe next time

On the way home from work this afternoon I ran by a lake. I've taken pictures there before. The leaves are turning, but they aren't quite ready. While the view from the shore of the lake was beautiful today, next week it will be breath-taking.

The woman who owns the property was there when I drove up. She introduced herself and I told her who I was. I said that I often stopped by on the way home to enjoy the setting.

She'd just fed the geese and catfish. As we stood talking, catfish that surfaced to feed. "Look at that one," she said. I followed the point of her index finger and a fish as big as my arm surfaced and open its mouth wide enough that I could have easily slid my fist inside. All I could manage was, "Wow!"

She said the fish and geese know what time she comes every evening and they come to the bank to greet her when she gets out of the truck.

I tried to shoot a picture, but they were shy. The pictures looked like ripples in the dark water.

I told her I'd stop by next week to try again to get a picture of the autumn leaves.  She nodded her assent as she loaded her feed into her truck.  I headed back to mine and turned toward home.

With no picture, I had to look through archives. Here's a shocker - I have a picture I shot of a butterfly yesterday.  I used the Portrait mode on my phone. It somehow made the butterfly and Old Maid blossom look as if they were floating in thin air.


  1. I love butterflies Rick, this is a beautiful one ... I hope you get a good picture tomorrow xox

  2. Love the flutterby.
    And would really have liked to see the catfish.
    Looking forward to your autumn magic too.

  3. That's quite a spectacular photo.

  4. I know that catfish are bottom dwellers. I guess this lady knows how to feed the catfish. They can use two types of food pellets one that sinks and one that floats.

    I'm anxious to see a photo of the feeding catfish. Nice butterfly photo.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. What a beautiful picture. Now I'm going to have to see if I have a portrait mode on my phone. I've never noticed it if it is there... Happy Friday !

  6. I did enjoy the visit and read dude, but THAT is a beautiful shot of the BF!

  7. It is a striking picture. It would have been good if you had been able to get a picture of that catfish.

  8. A gorgeous burst of color.

  9. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Beautiful; but I want to see the fish!!


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