Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bare December trees

Most of nature's fireworks are gone now. The trees and shrubs will be napping for the next few months. Now comes the task of keeping mountains of leaves from piling up on the deck and front walk. 

Earlier in the year, I bought a battery powered leaf blower. It's the handiest tool in the shed during the winter. It makes short work of blowing the leaves into piles which make it easier to move them to the garden for composting.

The weatherman predicted snow/ice last night. Fortunately, the "ice line" was about 10 miles north of us. 

It was still cloudy with a cold wind out of the north when we walked this morning. The oak and hickory in the barnyard are almost bare now. 

I'd forgotten my phone, but when I looked through the archives, I'd shot a picture last year at this time. I decided to use it for illustrative purposes.

One of the guys that worked with me at the phone company is coming over tomorrow. He lives in Miami now and when he sent me a text a few minutes ago saying he was at the hotel in Birmingham, he said, "It's frozen tundra in Bham." I told him to wear long handles but I think he thought I was kidding. 

Happy Wednesday.


  1. I like the elegance of bare trees, and the filigree of lace that the branches etch against the sky.
    Lovely photo of that beauty.

  2. Time now for a long winter's nap.

  3. Merry Christmas 🎄 I am trying to get back to my blogging now. I love your picture but it doesn’t sound too cold where you are. We had a High today of -15C and it is supposed to be like this for the next 7 day’s or so.

  4. The tree shot looks snowy for sure. They are calling for some flurries here this weekend.

  5. We have bare trees here. They are big and surround my house. I liked them better with the leaves on. It's white and barren without them. We have snow and it's barely breaking O degrees here this morning. A frozen tundra indeed. I got a battery operated leaf blower too and before the snow fell I was still blowing leaves. Now everything is covered and like ice. They will stay that way for some time as the highest temp in the long range forecast looks to be 22 degrees. Brrr Chill! Keep warm there !

  6. The picture has me smiling. It has been years since we were North of central Florida in the winter. This year we drove NORTH for a week at Christmas. My thoughts as I drove thru GA & SC was look at all the dead trees., Then I remembered, yeah they sleep up here in the winter!
    Enjoyed the visit.

  7. I imagine most things will be slowing down across the country until things warm up.

  8. The bare trees shows us the things we can't see in other seasons. They are really beautiful in their bare shapes. My granddaughter used to call them bare naked trees when she was young.

    It's -19℃ here right now or -2.2℉. with a cold north wind blowing.💨
    I hope your friend dressed up for the weather.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Anonymous3:11 PM

    No leaves, but still beautiful!!


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