Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Running on empty

It seems like I've been writing all day. I struggled with my column for Sunday's paper. I wrote three different ones before the words seemed to work. That's how it goes sometimes.

When Jilda got home from her early morning yoga class that she teaches for the staff where she works, we put on our jackets and walked. It was much colder after the rain moved through.

There wasn't a lot of color when we walked but I did see some lichen that fell from an oak tree in the yard.  I know it's kind of sad, but this is all that's left tonight.


  1. It looks like its sparkling.

  2. Funny that empty feeling. USUALLY there is a fill-up just an hour away. At least I hope so. I am working on a blank space myself...... BUT no one but me is affected by a deadline at this stage. ;-)

  3. Look after yourself. Running on empty generally means you have been pushing too hard for too long. And Stephen is right - the lichen IS sparkling.

  4. I think this is a great photo with the rich golden hues surrounding the green and it brings out the green on the piece of wood.

  5. Some days are diamonds... It will go better next time.

  6. Going for a walk is a good way to take the toil of the day away and often clears the air and causes the mind to work better too. I agree, that lichen does look like it is sparkling !

  7. That lichen looks almost like magic that fell off a fairy wand.

    You're running on empty and I'm down with a serious bad cold. Everywhere I've been,
    I see people with bad colds.

    Maybe you can write about a special Christmas when you were young. I hope you get your muse back.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Don't despair--that lichen is beautiful!!

  9. Lovely lichen! Perhaps you need to recharge your batteries before you run out of energy. Take care.


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