Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Eve

After we built our house in the early 1980s we had a open house during the holidays each year. Our house is small, but when we held our open house it contained wall-to-wall love.

Today was dreary and cold and the lighting was not that good. Tonight when I started looking back through my archives, I came across this picture that was from 1985 (I think.)

Before dusk on that Sunday, I ushered everyone outside, set my camera up on a tripod, and snapped some pictures for posterity. I've looked at this photograph at least a thousand times.

Three of the people are no longer with us. Another one is fighting cancer. But on this day in December, we all thought we'd live forever.

One of the things I've been doing this week is reading over my blog entries, journal entries, and looking through my photographs. Taking stock of my life. There are bad things that happen to everyone. But there are also joyful things.

On this New Years Eve, it is my wish that the good things in our lives outweigh the bad.

Happy New Year.


  1. Love the pic! The hair styles and the rolled jeans are so 80's classic! Happy New Year! Good health and happiness in 2018!

  2. Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.

  3. This is like a picture from The Big Chill:). It’s good to reflect on fond memories and to have a great time thinking of some new memories to create for 2018. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Love that photo - and that looking at it doesn't wear it away.
    And your wish for the year is perfect. Thank you.

    1. Anonymous12:26 AM

      It IS perfect; & I wish it right back for you & Jilda!!

  5. Wishing you both much Happiness and Joy in the New Year !

  6. Here's to health and happiness for both Jilda and you in the coming year, loved looking at the picture of your gathering, oh to go back to that day...

  7. "Wall-to-wall love." I like!
    That one will stay in my head, for sure. Happy New Year!

  8. Yeah, such a great family shot, and truth you told = we thought we would live forever.
    And nothing wrong with that positive feeling and thought.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and the sweet Jilda!

  9. What a fun photo to look back on! Happy New Year to you & the family!

  10. I love looking at old photo but it's sad that some are now gone.
    Wishing you and Jilda all the best in 2018.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. I like old photos and the memories they bring to mind


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