Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Strangeness at the forks

I shot a couple pictures the other day when I was at the forks of the river. The light was amazing and I had the place to myself. 

When I walked up, there was a child's rocking horse sitting there. It was facing towards the east. My mind wrestled with what I was seeing. Why would a rocking horse be sitting there? My mind is usually good at connecting unconnected and seemingly unrelated dots. I'm not sure why I have that skill but I do. But still – there was a rocking horse sitting there and I was drawing a blank.

I have to go back there when the weather clears and talk to the crew and get the scoop. There's usually an interesting story connected to things there.  Once when I went, everyone was flying kites. You should know that most of the guys that meet there regularly are in the late 70s early 80s. But they seem much younger than their years because they are always laughing and having fun.

Anyhow, below is a picture of the rocking horse and another picture I shot while I was there.


  1. Vintage Rocking Horse - I had one very much the same in the living room taking up space and it has gone to a new home - I wonder how the one by the river arrived. If you ever find out ....
    The bridge and reflection needed a 2nd look, a sight to draw one in and relax for a moment.

  2. Jack would expect me to say something about the paranormal looking at the rocking horse in that strange place! Cool pic though and the second one is really pretty..frame worthy! I have to comment on your previous post. We do the fake tree but nothing beats a live one and today I saw an ad on tv about supporting local tree farms and farmers...now I feel guilty! I just might have to sneak out and get a little one to help out the economy! Have a good week!

  3. Wow, wow and wow.
    Love the second - and am intrigued by the first.

  4. What a mystery! Hope you find out the story behind it!

  5. the second picture is just enchanting, I love the softness, and the stark contrasts between bridge and landscape--and yeah, that rocking horse...

  6. I always loved rocking horses. That's a great juxtaposition! I, too, am interested in learning 'the rest of the story'!

  7. I hope you solve a mystery you have planted here! LOL Definitely curious, that horse. Shucks maybe he is a wild rocking horse!
    Definitely an eye catcher the second, definitely so.

  8. Anonymous2:12 PM

    The horse was probably just enjoying the scenery!!

  9. The rider probably slipped into the trees for some quick relief.

  10. That picture of the rocking horse is stunning and should be entered in contests.

  11. The pictures both look a bit spooky in some way and I love them. The first one could have a whole story written about it and the second reminds me of a haunting film I saw that seemed to belong to The Twilight Zone. This may not have been what you were thinking but I find both of these pictures great!


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