Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Never a waste of time

This has been a sunset week. Yesterday, the sky was remarkable. I had a chance to have a front-row seat.

We had some leftover cornbread that was close to the consistency of slate rock, I stepped down to give Speckles an evening treat. She's the only chicken that survived a summer of slaughter by hawks and raccoons.

When I opened her dwelling and crumbled the bread by her feeder, she was delighted. She was grateful – I could tell from her clucking.

I stood and watched her peck for a while. When I noticed the sky, stepped over to the back gate. Each passing moment was a watercolor painting in progress. And the colors deepened as the sun drifted further beyond the horizon.

The shades of pinks reminded me of cotton candy that I had at the county fair when I was too young to drive.  I closed my eyes as I stood there, but I couldn't smell them no matter how hard I tried.

Clouds never bore me. I look for shapes and faces. Sometimes they jump out at me and sometimes they don't.

As I stood there watching the kaleidoscope of clouds, I thought about the coming year. What does it hold in store? How can I contribute? Where should I focus my attention? And what not.

I didn't find many answers in the clouds, but I would never say it was a waste of time looking.


  1. Beautiful clouds. Thanks Rick.

  2. Glorious.
    Sky-watching is never, ever a waste of time.

  3. That should be put on canvas! So beautiful and those quiet moments are time well spent...unlike standing in line at Walmart!

  4. Life's little moments are meant to be savoured and you seem to have a knack to do just that. I love to observe clouds too and my imagination can go wild with what I can see.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I try to catch the sunset every evening and give thanks for the day. They are definitely not a waste of time. Thanks for sharing yours...it was a cloudy day here. This morning the sun is out so maybe tonite I'll get to see a beautiful one too.

  6. I've looked at them from both sides now, but it is their illusions I recall, I guess I really don't know clouds at all.

  7. Those clouds are wonderfully suggestive. It's hard to not find interesting images in the shapes and forms.

  8. Anonymous12:49 PM

    You may not find shapes, but you CAN find beauty!!

  9. The relaxation provided by the clouds is worth every second. There is time for the future when the clouds are no longer visible.

  10. I love the sunsets this time of year. They are so bright and beautiful. Driving home each day, I can see the mountains in the distance and the how the sunsets wonderfully around them. I need to pull over one day and take a shot.

  11. Clouds are so pretty, I do like looking at them, it is so relaxing

  12. Speckles deserves the treat. the sky is beautiful. We had one tonight down here. I love God's Nature that paints breath taking pictures on the canvas sky!

  13. I'm a little sad that Speckles is all alone. Will you and Jilda be adding to her coop in 2018?


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