Saturday, December 09, 2017

Dodged a bullet

When I went on Facebook this morning to check birthdays, a picture of Jilda and I popped up. It was
taken before we were married.

When I saw it, the image made me smile. Who would have thought two skinny kids would make it 43 years?

Our great-nephew Jorda and our great-niece Breeze were in a swim meet today in Tuscaloosa. We had nothing on our calendars so we drove down to give them our support. Tuscaloosa is about 80 miles south of here. They had heats most of the day so we watched a few and headed back home.

Stopping at Taco Casa, we eased through the drive-thru and got our order to go.

We decided to stop at the rest stop off the Interstate and eat our lunch instead of wearing most of it home by eating while we rode.

Parking in the shade, we ate and people watched. After tossing our trash in the receptacle, I turned the key. The car normally springs to life, but this time it clicked and buzzed. Oh Crap! (Clean version.)

I tried several more times but I knew the battery was dead. It had started slowly a few times when the weather was cold and I'd made a mental note to replace the battery but that mental note wasn't helping to turn that starter.

Stepping back inside the rest stop, I asked the attendant if she had jumper cables. She didn't but her friend who worked at the rest stop on the southbound side of the Interstate did. She called him on the radio. A few minutes later he pulled in and helped us get the car cranked. I'm not sure if they can take tips, but I put one in his pocket and thanked him profusely.

This incident could have turned out much worse. We were about 75 miles from home and family help. But thankfully, this young guy bailed us out. We now have a new battery on Jilda's car. Bullet dodged.


  1. All's well that ends well. The same thing happened to me about a month ago. I drove my car to the barn and the battery went dead. My hubby put the charger on and it took a while to recharge the battery. It's not fun when it happens far from home.

    We are getting our first real snowfall tonight.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I am so glad that you found the support you needed. And have put up a permanent barrier for that particular bullet.

  3. I would say the big One in the sky was looking out for you but, Imma thinking he was looking out for Jilda. ;-) Glad it worked out good for you guys. I know you also have helped and paid it forward as I hear is done. I have helped and been helped and it is amazing how humbled you can feel when you are helpless 'right now'.
    And yes on the skinny couples many have started off with the gold spoon and not lasted a year.

  4. That click sound is the worst!

  5. Love that pic! My car yells if I don't have a seatbelt buckled quick enough, sure wish it would yell that the battery is going to poop out! Glad it turned out good in the end!

  6. The cold weather does bring out the worst in car batteries. Thankful you had some help. and glad you got the new battery. Had to let you know that we did get snow overnight. Not a lot but the ground is all white this morning. Thanks for sharing...

  7. Thank goodness for people who are prepared and willing to help. Christmas is coming. That's why the battery finally conked out.

  8. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I'm sure that tip was greatly appreciated!!

  9. All's well that ends well.

  10. Been there. The tip was appropriate. Most importantly, you two got home safely.


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