Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

Jordan's mom Samantha and her mom cooked Christmas Eve breakfast this morning. We walked over at 7:30 and helped get things set up for the arrival of the rest of the family. But they'd already done the heavy lifting and shooed us to the living room to wait for the others.

Not long afterward, the house was buzzing...until my nephew said the blessing, and then all you could hear was the clatter of plates and the clicking of spoons on porcelain plates. 

After that came the swapping of the gifts.  We got Jordan a microscope that we'll give him tomorrow morning at our house, but we bought him a book so that he'd have a gift from us this morning. 

Last week when we did last minute gift buying, we got the bulk of the gifts at Books-a-Million. We quickly found all the gifts except the one for Jordan. At nine years old, he's already read more book that I had during high school.

Just as we were about to give up, Jilda spotted The Wizard's Cookbook on a table in the middle of the aisle. After standing there and flipping through the pages, we knew we had the right gift for him. He loves to help in the kitchen and he's learning how to cook. 

When he saw the book this morning, he was captivated. He's reading the first Harry Potter book and he saw recipes in the Wizard's book taken from some of the things in the HP book. 

We were delighted that we found something that he would enjoy.

After the gifting, we headed home to make ready for the Christmas Cooking baking event at our house. The kids are growing so fast, but they still love coming over to do the cookie thang.

This evening Jilda baked a chicken and made her world-famous dressing along with butter beans, and turnip greens. I'm still stuffed.

We've had a great Christmas Eve. We feel blessed. I hope it's been a good one for you too.


  1. Jordan doesn't seem too difficult to please; seems he likes just about everything...that is the sign of a really good kid.

  2. It's always a wonderful feeling to know you have chosen a loved gift :)
    Hope you and yours have the merriest of Christmases and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  3. Books are the very best gifts. Jordan looks absorbed - which is a fine testimonial to the success of your present.

    1. Anonymous4:01 PM

      I absolutely agree!

  4. Jordan will be a good cook someday. You're starting him young. I wish my man would have learned to cook. I could use a break...
    Merry Christmas.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. What a great gift! My boys were always in the kitchen too when they were young and all turned out to be very good cooks. Your delicious dinner sounds wonderful too. Merry Christmas to you both, may it be all things Merry and Bright !

  6. We had a nice quiet Christmas Eve and our boy will be arriving around ten on Christmas morning. Take care, and Merry Christmas.

  7. The children will always love coming over to bake cookies. I gave my grandchildren the option when they were grown. They all still came.

  8. Merry Christmas! I'm so glad you found that special gift for Jordan! I love it when that special something pops up! Hope your day was wonderful!


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