Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Layered clouds

Today was the last day at work until after the first of the year. It was a ghost town. The students finished finals early last week.

This week it's been the staff which on my hall meant the computer folks and me. And we only had to work a half day. That's OK with me. I did a lot of end-of-year work. And for me and my coaching partner, we'll spend January tying up loose ends cleaning out our office.

Before I left at lunch, I started taking some of my books and pictures down from the walls and shelves. It was raining outside and I stood for a long time watching the rain dancing on the cobblestone courtyard.  I'll miss that view from my office window.

Once home, I fell into babysitting mode. Two of my great nephews were staying with us while their parents worked. I had a large time making up challenges for the boys. OK listen up trainees. I need three pine cones and a feather within 15 seconds. GO!!!!! You get the picture. The idea was to wear them down to a frazzle so that they didn't have the energy to give me a hard time once we went back inside. It didn't work, but it was worth a shot.

After their Nana picked them up, Jilda and I ran out for a few last-minute Christmas presents. The rain had moved off to the southeast leaving a brilliant blue sky.  Then, on the drive home, we heard a notification from the weather app on our phone. It said there was rain in the area. You couldn't tell it by looking at the sky, but the closer we got to home, the more the clouds thickened.

At one point, I pulled over to snap a picture of the layers of clouds. I was a beautiful sight.


  1. Clouds! Don't you just love them? I could lay on the ground forever watching them float by in their procession of layers and color!

  2. I get tired out just trying to tire out my grandkids.

  3. Those clouds are glorious. I hope I am never too jaded to cloud-watch.

  4. You got a great picture! The clouds are always fascinating! Yes, the old year is winding down and many new changes coming your way. When one door closes another always opens.

  5. Kids have boundless energy and it looks like your wore yourself out trying to wear them out. lol... I love watching clouds formations to see what my imagination can see.
    Sorry about your job coming to an end. Maybe something better will appear.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Those clouds look wonderfully mysterious and suggestive of something magical. But then all clouds seem magical to me. Merry Christmas.

  7. Inventing games to keep kids occupied is something I have always done. Nieces and nephews spent a lot of time at my house with my children. If they are busy they are not getting into trouble or fighting. A house full of grandchildren is no different.

  8. I will pay you $$ for those clouds!! Having play/babysitting time is the best time of all.

  9. Anonymous3:18 PM

    A very dramatic photo!!

  10. That's a cool shot! I'm sure it would win at our county fair!

  11. Clouds are so interesting and your photo is great. Did you get the rain that was predicted?


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