Friday, December 01, 2017

Finding Feng Shui and what not

The bench I bought in early November still hasn't found its forever home. I've tried it in front of the barn and over under the hickory tree looking off to the east. I knew instinctively that locale would not work because I wouldn't be able to see sunsets.

So I moved it. And moved it again. And again.

Yesterday, I moved it out under the oak in the front yard of the creative space. It didn't take a compass to know it was facing west. The sun was squatting on the western horizon, and shafts of light turned the woods into a kaleidoscope of crimson, orange, amber, and colors I could not name. I was so engrossed in the moment that I didn't take a picture.

This morning when we walked the dogs, a cloud cover gave the sun an opportunity to sleep in.

The colors were muted, so I decided to do a black and white rendition of the bench.

It will take time to know if the Feng shui is right, but you can't really rush things like the placement of a thinking bench.


  1. I think you are overthinking where to put the thinking bench. The current spot looks good to me.

  2. I agree with Joe it looks pretty good from where I am sitting.

  3. It looks like you've found a good spot to sit and have a think.

  4. I started to say what Stephen said, but thought again. You have enough thinking space in the new sun room. Now you have a place to sit and drink (But only if Jilda approves!) Anyway, it is just a thought. Your thinking seems to be okay with you already have.! LOL

  5. It seems inviting!

  6. If you believe in Feng Shui, then google to find out the right placement for your bench.

  7. That looks like the perfect place to me. I love to watch the sun set.

  8. One good thing about your thinking bench, it's portable. Keep moving until it feels right for you or just ask Jordan... When you find the right place, you'll know it. Maybe you can have a potted tree beside it. Maybe the thinking bench only works if you wear your thinking hat.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. I was just thinking how nice to have so many spots to move it! You'll find the right one....

  10. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I'd ask Jordan. Kids work with their emotions & feelings. He can probably help you!!

  11. You may not know until spring. That will tell if it is truly a good thinking spot.

  12. Don't despair, Rick! Until I asked Norma, I thought Feng Shui was a martial art. The way I practice it, maybe it is.


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