Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A gift

Today was a postcard that Mother Nature mailed to me. A kaleidoscope of autumn color at every turn.

The temps were in the twenties last night with a stiff wind out of the north. Soon those beautiful leaves will be gone...except for the pictures I took with my camera and my mind's eye.

It was nice yesterday too. On the way home from an errand, I ran by the small lake a few miles from here. I snapped several pictures and then stood for a long while in the silence of the afternoon. It was a gift.

I hope the weather has been beautiful where ever you are.


  1. "Today was a postcard that Mother Nature mailed to me."


  2. I love the description of the gift of your beautiful day. It's been cold, dark and snowy here. Not quite so beautiful, but still I consider every day a gift.

  3. That's perfect picture to be on a calendar page.
    It's raining here today and snow is melting and it looks very drab outside.
    Enjoy your beautiful weather.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Mother nature does paint some gorgeous pictures. And again you did a great job of capturing one. The picture is never as good as the real thing, but this is CLOSE! You done good!

  5. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Another beautiful photo!!

  6. Oh my gosh what a beautiful autumn picture. You know, you could make a nice coffee table book with your photos and anecdotes. It was snowing and blowing here


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