Sunday, November 25, 2018

Turkeys and foliage

I promised earlier in the week that I would share the pictures of the wild turkeys after it ran in the paper. Below is the picture. The picture ran on Thanksgiving. The cutline I wrote was:
These wild turkeys showed up near Sipsey at the top of Pump Hill. With Thanksgiving on Thursday, their timing could not have been worse.

Today was cloudy and cool here. The leaves are incredible now. Driving by the river, you can see the oak and hickory leaning over the water like a colorful canopy.

We have a small maple tree in a large pot in our backyard. I don't remember who gave it to us, but it is showing out right now.

I snapped a picture when we returned from our walk this morning. I hope you aren't tired of autumn pictures.


  1. It's kind of refreshing to see fall pictures when we are in the grip of winter so early... Those are some spectacular turkeys on the run and who can blame them. I think I'd rather see them running than on the plates.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. We camped out in a state park where wild turkeys couldn't be hunted. Six males strutted through our campsites, sassy as you please.

  3. Great Wild Turkey pictures. We actually saw a few down here in Florida. Love the color of the leaves. Neat shot!

  4. I am never, ever tired of photographs of arboreal fireworks. And suspect I will never see a wild turkey so thank you for both.

  5. All is forgiven.... :)

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  7. Loved the turkey picture. Perfect for Thanksgiving for sure ! Here most of the trees are bare except for the remaining oak tree leaves. They seem to be hanging on forever. I did leaf duty yesterday, but today it's worse than before. The ground is a blanket of leaves. It's to rain and turn to snow, so who knows, they might just stay there until spring comes.

  8. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I NEVER get tired of your photos!!

  9. Nice photo, since I do not like the taste of turkey I prefer live ones


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