Thursday, November 01, 2018

Dodged the storm

There was a nasty line of storms heading our way this morning. We'd watched it inch across the southeast on the tiny radar maps of our phones. It looked like it was playing havoc in Texas and Southern Louisiana.

As we sat and sipped coffee in the great room, we watched the limbs of the white pine in our yard dip and sway. The wind chimes we moved from the screen porch to the back deck were sounding. Deep dongs and jangles told us that trouble could be on the way. 

When the radar maps showed that the storm was was on top of us, the wind died down. 

Then rain began pounding the roof. Fortunately, the storm left its punch south of us. It must have been exhausted, because I never heard thunder, or saw a shard of lightning.  The lights in our house never flickered. And I was soooo happy.

After the rain stopped, I walked to the road to see if the paper man had run.  He hadn't. Something by the edge of the road caught my eye. I thought it was a piece of litter. When I stepped closer, I realized it was a mutant mushroom. I've never seen one quite like it.

I snapped a picture. 

The end.


  1. Glad you guys missed the weather, Imma thinking that mushroom is trying to morph into a watermelon.

  2. That is an interesting mushroom.

  3. Amazing mushroom.
    Glad that you dodged the storm. We could do with it. We are on high alert for a fire burning out of control about ten miles away.

  4. That mushroom looks like it belongs on a coral reef. I’m glad you dodged that big storm. Here, it has just been raining a lot

  5. I'm very thankful that you didn't get terribly bad weather. Mushrooms always amaze me. I've never seen on that color before, but have has some bright red ones here. We are on day 3 of constant rain coming down with little or no break at all. No storms just rain, rain and more rain.

  6. That's an interesting mushroom.
    I'm glad the bad weather missed you. It's raining here too. As I was flying from Ontario to New Brunswick yesterday, all I could see was thick clouds all the way. moving our way.

    Wishing you nice sunny days. Hugs, Julia

  7. Good heavens, I enjoy reading you. The way you turn a phrase and create imagery is so real and straightforward. It is like I can hear you talking to me. You caught me right away this time with the "nasty line of storms...inch(ing) their way across the southeast on the tiny radar maps of our phones."

    1. And, by the way, I have been captivated by unusual mushrooms from time to time, too -

    2. Thank you for your kind words.

  8. Storms are nice if they are not too bad or nasty, those storms we can do without


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