Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Busy day

It was raining this morning when I first opened my eyes. Acorns falling on the metal roof sounded like a kettle drum. The predicted severe weather never materialized. The winds remained aloft for the most part.

Jilda got up when the coffee maker beeped. The rain was still falling. The long chimes on the back deck sounded like church bells.

I had early meetings so after coffee I put my "reporter face" on and headed out. Jilda headed at the same time and we met at our polling place to cast our lot. We took a selfie and posted it on social media to encourage others to get out and vote.

By days end, I'd written three news stories. Tonight, my head is empty.

The picture below is one I took a few years ago. Did I mention that I love this time of year?


  1. It is a glorious time of year. Stunning photo too.

  2. Good job in finishing three stories. AND and I love it when the sun sets those leaves on FIRE with RED!

  3. We had more rain and it was very windy but we did get out and vote after work. Love that photo..it could be a painting!

  4. What a great photo. It looks like a painting.

    The rain finally ended here and the sun is drying things out.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. A day like that may leave your head feel empty but also should make your heart feel full. Sound like a wonderful day to me !

  6. I too, love this time of year as well and hate the dead of summer. It is so magical which is what I think your picture is

  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Your head wasn't too empty to find that gorgeous photo!!

  8. Beautiful photo! And I saw that photo of you and Jida. Yall were the cutest voters at the polls.

  9. A bloody great photo, I don't get people who don't vote


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