Saturday, November 24, 2018

Game day with injuries

Today was gameday here in Alabama. The University of Alabama played Auburn University. The state has been in a tizzy all week. The state of Alabama ranks at the bottom or near the bottom in practically all the bad statistics that come across the wire.

The one thing that we're not last at is college football. One of these two teams that played today has been the national champion six times in the last 10 years. The team that wins has bragging rights for the coming year. The other team is ridiculed like a college freshman wearing stripped bellbottom pants and a polo shirt.

I got up before sunrise today and hung my Alabama gameday flag and snapped a picture to post on social media.

After breakfast, I headed down to the walking path to cut a small tree that had fallen on the trail. I cut one of the limbs from the tree and it was tangled in vines. When I cut it free, it launched toward me and hit me in the nose. It knocked my glasses off and the scraps on my nose started bleeding like I'd lost a limb.

When I got to the house, I stopped outside and washed my face and hand with the hosepipe before going inside. I didn't what to give Jilda a heart attack.

She doctored it and this evening when we changed the bandaids, it was two small scratches.

Oh yes, tonight, my team put a butt whuppin' on the Auburn Tigers.

Roll Tide.


  1. Great ending to your day - good that your nose wasn't broken !

  2. Glad your injuries were minor.

  3. I'll bet Elephants Child is a Bama fan!

  4. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Congratulations on Alabama's win. I'm sure it was worth a scratched up nose!!

  5. I'm glad that all it took was a bandaid to fix your injury. We never know when something like that might happen. Football seems to be on everyone's mind. Here we had Ohio State against Michigan and Ohio won! Hope you have a relaxing and rest fill Sunday !

  6. Glad it was only a couple scratches. I do not watch much football unless its the Carolina Panthers playing but then I could really care less. Give me the Hallmark movies, a ball of yarn and a glass of wine and Im heaven.

  7. I'm not a football fan but I'm glad for you that your team won.
    Sorry about your nose injury but it could have been worst if it hit you in the eye.

    I injured my nose in a fall at work on cement two Saturdays ago. I bled like a pig. I have selfies on my iPhone but can't load them onto my computer because I'm waiting for my Computer id verification code, hopefully in a few more days. I look like I've been run over by a train.

    Hugs, Julia

  8. Surprising how upset some things are when losing a limb! Glad all is well and really glad you still know what a 'hosepipe' is. When I say I hooked up the hosepipe to folks in an RV park they look at me like I am foreign. (SMILE)

  9. Roll Tide! Another epic season. Hope the Tide rolls over Georgia next week! I don't believe any team will stop Bama this year.

    My team trounced Michigan! I look forward to rivalry week every year and this year certainly didn't disappoint. My Dad grew up in Columbus so I have been a Buckeyes fan since as long as I can remember.

    Cheers and best wishes!

  10. Ouch! I hope you heal quickly! Glad your team won. I'm not a football follower but I will say I have 2 Granddaughters that graduated from Auburn and now one is a professor there...hmmm, I bet they're not celebrating!

  11. Rick, sorry for the wound, but thanks for triggering a great memory. Somewhere in the very early 60's, I was getting interested in sports. Granddaddy lived in Dora, and in our weekly Sunday night phone talks, he had told me of Bear Bryant, and the 62 I think Sugar Bowl win, and the soon to be arrival of.. oh, what's his name... oh yeah, Joe Namath. Granddaddy missed the Namath years though, as he passed away in 1962, but I've kept his memories and rooting going, with every Bama game I watch. Roll Tide!


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