Friday, November 16, 2018

Family history

I saw dozens of photo ops the last two days. Yesterday afternoon as we drove south to our gig, the late afternoon sun joined together with the autumn foliage to make a kaleidoscope of color. We were in rush-hour traffic and drivers behind me would have taken a dim view of me holding up traffic to snap a few frames.

This morning, we had to make a run to COSTCO to stock up on Thanksgiving stuff. More pictures glided by as we took mental snapshots through the windshield.

One of the things we bought was a fresh turkey. It has to stay cold so we rushed home and tossed the bird into the fridge. After slamming down a couple of grill cheese sandwiches, we headed to the school to watch our great nephew Jordan be inducted into the fifth-grade Honor Society.

So tonight, I don't really have pictures from today. Scavaging through my archives, I came across another picture that I took years ago. It's Jilda and me along with her brother and his family. The little girl in front of me in the photograph is my niece Samantha who is pushing 30.

Our friend Kaye snapped the picture of us standing at the edge of the water at the Gulf of Mexico. You can tell a great deal about family histories by looking at old pictures.


  1. She's very cute, but so tiny for 30!

    1. Yes, she was on Ridleys Believe itnor Not :)

  2. You can indeed tell a lot from family photos. Smiling at joeh's comment.
    COSTCO? Shudder.

  3. It's always nice looking back at old family photos. How time flies. Congratulations to Jordan for being in the fifth grade Honor Society. What a great kid.

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Family photo are great and certainly make us more aware of just how precious time is. It's a wonder someone hasn't invented a camera that will take pictures when you are traveling in a car and cannot stop or hold up traffic. With so many great sights to see and no time to take pictures of them...someone would make a mint on such a camera.

  5. I wondered if that little girl wasn't your niece! Congratulations to Jordan!

  6. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Congratulations to Jordan, your brilliant nephew!!

  7. Yeah Jordon deserves the congrats. Love the picture, yes family pictures do say things.
    I know your home will smell like Thanksgiving!!!


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