Sunday, November 18, 2018

Evening sun

Today has been beautiful here. It's long-sleeve weather, but it's perfect for walking. This morning we did an abbreviated stroll because we were eating lunch with Jilda's sister.

Her kids, their kids, and their kids were there. It was a madhouse. I gave Parker, who is in the fourth grade this year, a joke book for kids last Christmas. Now every time I see him, he tells me jokes. Today he was on vampires. I learned that the favorite building in the world for vampires is the Vampire State Building :)

I was stuffed when I waddled out of her sister's house. When we got home, we both decided a Sunday nap was in order.

Once up, we were refreshed and decided to finish our walk. The sun was lurking near the horizon but it still felt great outside.

The evening sun shining through the autumn leaves was stunning. I snapped the picture below at the barn.


  1. That is funny...Vampire State Building...hahahaaa. It sounds like you had a great day with your wife and I love that late autumn picture

  2. Naps are good. Naps bookended by delightful walks are even better.

  3. I always thought a baseball fans least favorite building was the Umpire State Building.

  4. That sounds like a great Sunday afternoon.
    That's a good kid joke. My little grandson, James love to tell jokes too. One day when I was in Ottawa and he was at the hotel pool with his mother, he went up to this lady who he didn't even know and told her this knock knock joke.

    Knock, knock, she said "Who's there? he said. "Smell mop" and I leave the rest to your imagination. ... She was a dance coach for a dance school. She burst out laughing and said to my daughter, "The little stinker got me" lol.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Shucks, I enjoy your visits and walks. It was also long sleeve walking weather here also.
    The best to you guys,
    Sherry & jack

  6. Life just cannot get much better than that. Wonderful food, family, a nap and a beautiful place to walk...definitely a Sunday well spent ! You are so blessed !

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      "MA" said it all for me!!

  7. Seems like the leaves are hanging on longer than usual. Dont ya think?


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