Saturday, November 10, 2018

Pure joy

Jilda and I played at the annual Veterans Day Ceremony this morning. We rarely do songs we didn't write, but a song that we've done in the past seemed fitting. Woody Guthry wrote a song in the 1940s entitled This Land is Your Land. It seemed to resonate today. We also did the song we wrote called The Storm Brings out the Eagle. The crowd was gracious and we were thankful for that.

Afterward, we had to go get a new washing machine. Actually, we did what we do every 10 years or so. We bought a rebuilt washing machine from a small company nearby. They take the old washers, dryers, stoves, and fridges that were built without all the fancy computer parts. We paid a fraction of what we would have paid for a new device that was manufactured overseas.

They will deliver the washer Monday and take away the old one. I'm guessing they'll rebuild it and sell it to someone else.

This evening, before sunset, we took the dogs for a walk. We've been so busy today, we haven't paid them much attention. When we took them out, they all yipped and ran. Have you ever watched pure joy in motion?

I snapped a picture with Hipstamatic and let it do its magic.


  1. We really could learn from animals. Often. Living in the moment is one thing of many that they excel at.

  2. Nothing like those new slick computer washing machine functions to crap out on ya. All I need on a machine is an on switch and an off when the time dial hits "0."

  3. Anonymous11:36 PM

    I hope your doggies had fun!!

  4. Recycling at its best; the company doing this rebuilding and recycling of white goods is a rarity in a world of cheap mass produced goods destined for landfill in a few short years.
    And a round of applause to you for supporting them.

  5. You're lucky that you have such a business around. I haven't seen an older model in years. I'm not too fond of computerized washers although they are heaven when they work well but I was told that the life of a washer is usually 7 years. I'm sure there are such businesses around if I looked for it.

    It sounds like you had a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. This Land is My Land is a wonderful song. One I've not heard in a while so thanks for the mention of it. I'm very thankful for all veterans, but closest to my heart are my second oldest son and his wife that are now retired, but gave more than 20 years in service to our country. That picture looks like a perfect ending to a great day!

  7. Enjoyed the post and pic. Now, THANKS for your SERVICE to our country, the best country in the world and I am fortunate to live here. Thanks, soldier to you and all VETS.

  8. When you sing "This Land Is Your Land," do you include that verses that usually aren't sung--the ones that make it a protest song? Before Woody died, he made sure Arlo had those verses in writing.



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