Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Waiting for peak color

I'm out of words today. I've tapped the letters off my keyboard with little to show for it. Some days are like that.

We walked early this morning. Another line of thunderstorms was still an hour to the west so we took advantage of the lull and walked.

Peak foliage is still a week or so away. I thought it would come sooner, but I dare not rush it because once the peak arrives, the leaves turn cinnamon brown and began falling. But that's not all bad.

Smelling of autumn leaves burning is almost as beautiful to the nose as the colors are to the eyes.


  1. I miss those burning leaves, not legal in our did cause a driving hazard with visibility problems on streets.

  2. Leaf burning is banned here too. I do like the elegance of the trees filigree of bare branches against a wintry sky though.

  3. Love you photo. Just what I needed to see today.

  4. there is nothing like autumn. the colors must excite the worst of critics. I miss the fall colors.................... But not enough to inform Sherry we are going to wait to go south..... (BIG SmIlE)

  5. I think our peak color has come and is slowly fading. All around me I see oak trees which can have a golden hue when the sun shines on them, but for the most part they are just brown...

  6. The sweet gum trees around us are about half done. I have not smelled burning leaves in the autumn for ever so long. When I close my eyes I can almost smell it now...

  7. The blue-yellow combination is so classic. I could look at this picture for a long time. This would make a great applique quilt.


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