Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Bed Time

Today has been wide open. I had a short break between interviews this morning and I stopped by a local fast-food restaurant and had a cup of coffee and a fried apple pie. I haven't had one of those in years....the pie, I mean.

The restaurant was packed, so I took my coffee to the deck and sat outside. When the rain moved out a few days ago, it dragged a cool front in behind it. So while I sat on the deck sipping java, the sun was warm on my face but a breeze out of the northwest made it feel a little heaven'ish. '

Tomorrow, I have a carpenter coming to help me get a few things done around the farm.

I'm ready for a cup of hot tea and the pillow. Y'all be sweet.


  1. Rick, I've had carpenters an roofers out over the past 2 months and stopped while I could still afford pie and coffee. Good thing too. Oh yes, and plumbers as well. Nice to be able to hire work done that I did over a half century, but pie is the definitive reward.

  2. It has been decades since I've had a fried apple pie. I could use a contractor to put siding on the house and a new deck. This was supposed to be done last year and I also need a new roof on my old dilapidated shed.

  3. How nice to be able to sit outside and drink a tea...even though I am not a tea drinker:). I hope you and the carpenter can get a lot done. Enjoy the cooler weather

  4. That is the kind of lunch I enjoy. I used to go to a restaurant that had a light lunch crowd. I could take whatever book I was reading and hide myself in a corner booth by the window and spend a couple of peaceful hours. Heaven-ish is a good description.

  5. Sounds like a nice time, having nice cool days here too

  6. Fried apple pie. Sounds really good.I'd like to make fried apple pie; there'd only be apple in mine, no pastry as there's no fryer here, so it wouldn't be quite the same...

  7. It is nice to feel a little heaven'ish. Ahh the fried apple pie, a trademark of my mama!
    Love the contrail thru the trees!
    Hope the rest is/was good.


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