Tuesday, May 28, 2019

I did that thang

I cut the grass alongside the road in our neighborhood today. It's an agreement that I have with the county commissioner. I cut the roadside and he doesn't send trucks down my road spraying herbicides. Bees don't do well with chemicals, especially when things are in bloom.

When we drove in yesterday, I noticed that the grass had grown a good bit since I last mowed it so, when I got home this evening, I jumped on the mower and did that thang.

On the way back, I noticed a vine with red blossoms near a neighbors mailbox. Pulling to the edge, I snapped a few pictures. The sun what bright and I wasn't sure how the flowers would look in such harsh light, but they don't look too bad.


  1. They look lovely.
    And hooray for mowing and protecting the bees.

  2. Great shot Rick! Good for you to think of the bees!

  3. I was telling Sherry a day or two ago on our walk, "I love it when the sun 'light's up' red flowers." S then pointed out some BRIGHT red flowers that had caught the sun 'just right.'
    Sherry & jack (gotta get on the mower myself!)

  4. I respect your thought and voluntary work to save nature, thank you.

  5. Good for you for taking on the job of mowing as opposed to having it sprayed. I am proud of you- Diana

  6. Your reward for your labors was the gorgeous red flowers.

  7. During your donation of time, you must get to see some beautiful wildlife.


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