Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Weary bones

I worked hard today. There are many days I work long hours writing, editing pictures, and doing think work, but today was physical labor.

I built the chicken pen over 20 years ago. It served well even though it was damaged several times when storms scraped through the area. Patching and rigging kept it in service, but these last few years it put predatory critters on the honor system.

Jordan is in 4-H and his project is chickens. He and his mom currently have 19 baby chicks in their extra bedroom.  He asked if he could put his chicks here when they get a little better.

I agreed to house them for him but I knew the old pen wasn't going to keep them safe.

Earlier this week, I called a neighbor who is a good carpenter and he said he'd be here at 9 a.m. Before he arrived, I tore most of the old pen down and got the area ready for when the carpenter got there.

By this afternoon, we had it framed and the roof installed. All I need to do now is put the wire up and hang the doors.

I hope our chickens will be happy. 


  1. I wish, well not a good term, but it would be nice to be a kid again and watch those chickens grow. I loved it when Sears sent mama's order. The mail man brought them in a box with holes in it. Something I will always remember, "Rhode Island Reds" to me it was 'road I land reds'.
    Now rest a little....

  2. Probably found some muscles you had forgotten about. My carpentry skill knowledge is measure twice, cut once then try all over again.

  3. I hope Jordan's chicken project goes well. It's got good beginnings.
    Rest your old weary bones ,like they say.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. You are just turning into a little Old McDonald with a farm arent you? haha.
    I would love to have a couple chickens but have no idea how to care for them.

  5. Well, this is a productive day and one that will keep the predators at bay for sure

  6. I'm sure Jordan's chickens will be very happy in their new digs! Good job getting it done for him. Even though I grew up in Chicago we did have a chicken. Her name was Hilda and the predator that got her was the dog next door. But then she probably shouldn't have made a nest in their garage!


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