Saturday, May 04, 2019

Steeples and Mockingbirds

Life comes at you fast. Maybe it's because I'm older and can't take in the volume of information that I could when I was 20. Or maybe when I was 20, I let the information shower over me, only taking in a wisp of all that I saw or experienced.

Recently, Jilda and I visited a place we'd never been. The brochures gave directions to all the local attractions. They all sounded amazing. 

When we walked out of our B&B to get a morning coffee, we saw the steeple of a Presbyterian church. It was humbling and beautiful. 

These days, I try my best to "be here now." It's become important to me to look at the artwork on the walls of the look at the faces of children walking by, to smell the gardenias blooming in the courtyard,  to see the steeples against a cloudless sky, and to hear the mockingbird sing to anyone who cares to listen.


  1. Staying in the moment has become important to me too. I find a lot of peace and beauty as well.

  2. For me living in the moment and being grateful are two elements that makes life more pleasant. Children lives in the moment.
    Have a great day and enjoy every moments.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I am with you,Rick. I try to live in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or thinking I will do something "as-soon-as". I love the beauty that is all around me when I take the time to find/enjoy it. xo Diana

  4. I never thought of it, I think I do that, but imma pay attention and see. Reminders are good!
    A nice dy in the Carolinas,
    Sherry & jack

  5. After living in the big city for so many years I happily returned home. I still after several years of being here catch my breath at the beauty of the countryside as I am atop a hill and can see forever in all directions. It is the simple things I see that I appreciate the most.

  6. Nice photo of a place I would be drawn too


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