Sunday, May 19, 2019

Eventful day

Today was kind of eventful in a down-home kind of way. First of all, we picked another basket of blueberries. This is from the first four bushes. They get morning sun earlier than the other bushes on the terrace row. We picked some berries today that were as big around as a nickel. We put an old newspaper down on the table and spread the berries on the paper. This allows them to get fully ripe.  I love picking them and popping the sun-warmed berries into my mouth. Yum.

Then, I went down to check the beehives. I was disappointed that the first three hadn't started making honey in the top super which is where they make the honey for me. When I opened the fourth hive, it was full. I selected the first two frames and took them to the deck to try my hand at extracting the honey.

I have all the equipment, but using it the for the first time was wonky. I learned a great deal. I need a few more pieces of hardware to make this task easier.

When I finished, I had two pint jars of sweet amber heaven. I'd promised one of the first jars to my nephew who helped me get the hives on day one. The second one is next to the coffeemaker. I'll use a spoonful in the hot tea we have this evening.

The last event was I finally completed the chicken pen. My great nephew Jordan and his mom helped in the process. After lunch today, they brought the plastic tub of chicks over and turned them loose in the pen.

It took them a while to venture out of the tub, but when I looked down there at dusk, the were jumping at moths that had been drawn to their warming light.


  1. Berries, Bees and chicks. Should be a fun summer.

    I've heard local honey helps form immunities to local pollen and plants.

  2. Congratulations on your blueberries and honey. I hope you'll keep us posted on how Jordan's chicks are doing. They are so adorable. There seem to be quite a variety.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Good on you for the Honey. Seeing Jordan my mind went back to my childhood. I never had my own, but mama's were like my on. I marveled at the little two legged dudes.
    Good one,
    Sherry & jack!

  4. That sounds like a WONDERFUL day, with the promise of more to come.

  5. Yummmmmmm...I love honey and the taste of honey can be so different depending on the flowers they go to. Little chicks are so cute and glad the coop is now ready. I bet the blueberries taste great...I wonder how they would be with honey on them?

  6. Bees. Blueberries. Beautiful little chicks. Lots of good things going on at your place.

  7. Enjoy your chicks, before long you'll have a harvest of eggs. :-)
    I adore blueberries. When we lived in Oregon that was my favorite berry. We ate them like popcorn.
    The honey looks fabulous!

  8. Berries are awesome so is honey I like honey

  9. Looking at the honey made my mouth water. Honey on hot biscuits is a favorite treat.

  10. That wasn't just an eventful day that was a fun, fabulous, and I'm sure a bit tiring day! How cool that you have your first honey gathering and also the blueberries...yes, Jack will be very jealous when I show him this post! We won't see berries until July so I'll hope and pray ours are as good as yours!


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