Friday, May 24, 2019


I had to cover graduation tonight. Thankfully I just had to get pictures before the ceremony. The school has a gym but no auditorium. They had the service on the football field.

The kids gathered in the guy to get ready. Even though the temp in the gym was sweltering, some of them were giddy while others were introspective. I shot over 80 pictures.

I walked outside as they walked down to the field and shot a few more pictures before heading home.

If I'm not mistaken, It was 51 years ago tonight that I graduated.

When I stepped into my truck, I jacked the AC as high as it would go. My shirt looked as though I wore it in the shower.

I was glad to get home.


  1. I wish them nothing but good in the years to come.
    That sort of heat? Bleah. I hope you could cool down quickly.

  2. Rick, that beautiful girl fanning herself with her mortarboard says it all. She'll always remember graduation day. Good job, pal!

  3. I hated HS. I know I graduated and there was a ceremony, I was there...I do not remember it one single bit and I didn't start drinking until College. College, now that was good times!

  4. I never graduated from anything except Boot Camp LOL! Sherry is the educated one in our family. Out of the 9 in mom & dad's family Shirley was the only one to graduate. Mom and Dad was always proud of that.
    BUT YES! They will most likely remember last night for the rest of their lives, and you made the report in pictures.
    BTW I used one of your quotes pertaining to pictures today, hope you do not mind.
    From NC Sherry & jack

  5. Having just gone through my college graduation, I suppose I was excited at my high school one too ~ I just don't remember it very well. It was too long ago, and I don't have any photos to jog my memory :-)

  6. Yes, its a great excitement for every graduate.

    You got a wonderful blog here, following your blog now.

  7. The picture is so poignant. I wonder if she is reflecting on what it took to get her to this point or if she is wondering what the future holds.

  8. I'm sure it will be a graduation to remember. Too bad it was so hot but you got the job done anyway.
    I hope that you can rest tomorrow.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. Here in my part of the world graduation isn't a big deal, I have never graduated from anything


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